Toilet Terminology: A Brief Information on Toilets

Ever wondered what those technical jargons printed on items in the bathroom ware section are? Want to update your DIY knowledge and be the go-to handyman/woman friends and neighbors will call for some ‘throne room’ hardware education?

Stay tuned; we’ll unpack the technical language plumbers, and toilet ware merchants use to help your vocabulary become better.

Acrylic Toilet

Acrylic toilets are units made with acrylic and reinforced with fiberglass. This combination makes them impact-resistant and lightweight in nature.

Owning an acrylic toilet means you need not worry about cracks since they are non-porous. They are, on the other hand, durable, affordable, easy to install, and clean.

Elongated Toilet

Elongated toilets have an oval-shaped bowl that extends several inches more into the bathroom.

The larger bowl shape of this type of commode makes the sitting area more comfortable for children and men to use without leaving a mess.

Also, people with mobility issues will find that the wider area makes getting of on and off less stressful. Furthermore, this option is easier to clean since you can see the interior of the bowl with its unique design.

Porcelain Toilet

They are toilet units made with ceramic-based material. They are smooth to the touch and durable.

They are cheap to make, very reliable and will serve you for a very long time.

Round Toilet

They are perfect in bathrooms with minimal space to spare. This option measures around 16.5” from the post holes to the edge.

Round toilets are suitable for kids and the elderly, thanks to the comfort they offer. If you have a limited budget, it is a perfect choice since it is also less expensive compared to other types in that category.

One-piece Toilet

This type of toilet is a fusion of the tank and bowl to form a single unit.

One-piece toilets are generally small, making them perfect for bathrooms with less square footage. With the seating and handle lower to the floor, young children and disabled people will enjoy the convenience it offers them.

Two-piece Toilet

A two-piece toilet consists of a tank that is separate from the bowl and the pedestal that will hold the bowl in place, making it cheap and also easy to install. Likewise, you can call it a coupled toilet.

It is an ideal commode for adults and elderly individuals since it sits higher from the ground.

Bidet Toilets

They are innovative high-tech toilets with a water-jet nozzle attached.

The nozzle extends beneath to clean you up after using the toilet while still sitting. It then retracts back under the seat when not in use.

Bidet toilets give you extra privileges such as night lights, warm air dryers, heated seats, and deodorizers. They equally promote independent usage for people with disabilities.

Portable Toilets

Otherwise known as a mobile toilet because you can move it around with ease.

In other words, you can use them for sanitation purposes on outdoor sites where there is a large gathering like concerts, festivals, and construction.

Portable Toilets are self-contained and are generally useful because they can move from one place to another quickly.

Compact Toilet

They are low-profile toilets that save space, thereby making your bathroom seem spacious.

Compact toilets are functional, comfortable, quiet, cost-effective, and easy to clean.

Most extra washrooms and powder rooms that do not have much space do make use of this type of toilet.

Tankless Toilet

Tankless toilets are simply toilets without tanks mounted on the floor or wall.

So, rather than storing water for flushing in a tank, tankless toilets get connected directly to the house piping system with a valve to prevent overflow. This system allows a predetermined amount of water into the bowl during flushing.

Besides, their small size saves you space and adds aesthetic appeal to your bathroom.

Corner Toilet

Corner toilets are toilets designed to help you make the best out of a limited space situation.

You fit in a triangle-shaped tank into the nooks and crannies of your small bathroom, closet, or cloakroom suite.

Using this style will save a whole lot of space that will be useful for other kinds of stuff.

No clog Toilet

A no-clog toilet usually has an excellent flushing mechanism, large trap-way, and flush-valve, which release water with full force, therefore, removing waste through the drain without any stoppage.

This type of toilet function helps you conserve water and, at the same time, performs at a high level.

Wall-hung Toilet

A wall hung bathroom is a space-saving contraption in the bathroom since it is off the ground at a height convenient for you.

Thus, making it easy to keep the floor area clean always.

They are a popular feature in public bathrooms, restaurants, bars, and in millions of homes due to the space-efficient design as well as stylish, sleek, and modern look.

Smart Toilet

This is a technologically advanced toilet that uses smart technology to interact and also connect with the user. They are in-built smart devices in such units.

The essential features of a smart toilet include a heated seat, automatic dryer, bidet, touchless flushing, etc.

Lastly, they are hygienic, space-saving, have low water consumption rates, and are perfect for the disabled and aged.

Composting Toilet

This form of toilet uses a biological process to decompose organic materials and convert human excreta to a compost-like material.

With composting toilets, there is no need to flush; hence, you save on water.

Also known as a dry toilet, it is a great option for those living in water-scarce areas.

High-Efficiency Toilet (HET)

These are toilets designed to use the least amount of water effectively and efficiently.

High-efficiency toilets use about 1.28 gallons per flush (GPF), or even lesser, to meet up with the requirements of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), thus, reducing your total water consumption and cost, as well as being eco-friendly.

Powerful Flushing Toilet

A powerful flushing toilet is effective in getting rid of waste in one flush with minimal water usage.

The use of a large trap-way and flush valves makes for powerful flushing, thereby promoting cleanliness and, consequently, keeping out bad smells from waste remnants.

Essentially, you need not worry about your toilet clogging if you go for this option.

Low Flow Toilet

A low flow toilet is a flush toilet that allows for the removal of human waste with less water.

In other words, they need to consume not more than 1.6 gallons per flush (GPF) for them to receive the WaterSense certification.

The design of the siphon and cistern makes it possible for the low-flow toilet to use 20-60% less water than other types of flush toilets.

Dual Flush Toilet

A dual flush toilet typically uses a flushing mechanism that controls the flow of water for when you need to flush down either liquid or solid waste.

Even more, the use of a large trap-way makes it easy for water and waste to get flushed out without clogging, considering that there is no siphoning action in place.

As such, you need not worry about clogging and wasting water since you can choose the type of flush – solid or liquid per-use.

Single Flush Toilet

A single flush toilet uses one flushing mechanism for both liquid and solid waste.

Invariably, you will use 1.28 GPF every time you use the toilet regardless of whether urinating or doing number two.

This results in higher consumption of water, an increase in the water bill, and, as such, not eco-friendly.

Quiet Flush Toilet

A quiet flush toilet flushes quietly and efficiently whenever you use the bathroom.

It allows you solitude and peace of mind when relieving yourself.

Every part of the commode is noiseless; hence, you need not attract attention to yourself.

Pressure-assisted Toilet

This type of toilet uses compressed air to boost its flushing power, thereby producing a strong flow of water that removes waste better.

Also, it flushes more completely and cleans the toilet bowl better than most variants.

Likewise, less water usage is the main attraction or feature of a pressure-assisted toilet.

Gravity-assisted Toilet

This type of toilet uses the force of gravity to get rid of waste through a siphoning effect created in the trap-way, thus moving waste and water easily into the septic tank.

Besides, the flushing pressure is noiseless as there are no more mechanisms involved.

A Gravity-assisted toilet is affordable, easy to keep clean, and great for use in homes.

Vacuum-assisted Toilet

Vacuum-assisted toilets use suction, which is the latest innovation in flush technology to remove urine and fecal matter.

You need to have a vacuum tank connected to the trap-way so that when water gets released, the waste gets sucked out instantly.

Vacuum toilets are found in ships, trains, and airplanes because they consume less water.

Such technologies further promote the use of biogas.

Toilet Seat Riser

They are assistive devices made to help older people and those with mobility issues to use the toilet safely efficiently and without the need of assistance.

Invariably, they can use the commode without fear of falling when getting on or off it.

Toilet seat risers are available in oval or round shapes with a height ranging from 2- inches to 5- inches.

Toilet Flapper

Toilet flapper seals in water within the tank and equally serves as a gate opener that releases water into the bowl during flushing.

You can find it attached with a chain to the tank lever, so whenever the tank lever gets pressed, the chain will pull up the flapper.

Toilet Wax Rings

A toilet wax ring is a form of seal used to prevent water from leaking from the drainpipe unto your toilet floor.

Without a wax ring, your toilet floor will be a mess; therefore, it must be tightly fitted to the exit hole at the bottom of the fixture resting on the flange.

Toilet Brush

A toilet brush is an important tool needed to keep your toilet bowl clean always.

Having a quality toilet brush and other essential cleaning materials is vital to get dirt, germs, and marks off your toilet.

Toilet Bowl Cleaners

These are cleaning agents used not only to get the toilet clean but also to keep it free from odors and stains.

Toilet bowl cleaners are available as cartridges, gels, and capsules, or tablets.

Toilet Repair Kits

They are home tools used to fix little challenges or leaks you might face with your toilet from time to time.

Conducting regular maintenance will no longer be a difficulty if you own a proper toilet repair kit of your own.

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