Little Bit Story Behind on the Site & Our Mission:

The Twimbow.com is a contents driven website providing information about different types of Toilet, Bathroom, Shower, and their related equipment and accessories. At The Twimbow, we are committed to building the best product resources online, including Toilet, Bathroom product reviews, And Toilet accessories, tips and guidelines.

We make sure that the products are being reviewed and recommended on our site are really high quality. We NEVER compromise with quality. However, we research and test the products for a period, and write on this blog what we think about the particular product.

As a long time user, you might know better than us, and help us provide your experience. We will be really delighted and Appreciate to include your comment within the article. You can also send us a detailed review, and picture of the particular product to us, and we will feature you on our site.

About the Author:

Jimmy Olivas is a Bathroom designer. He originally came from a background of Bathroom design and upholstery. As a result, He has great experience working with Twimbow. He has held a passion for bathroom design and interiors for over ten years. Jimmy has become an avid blogger reviewing toilets. In his spare time, he enjoys walking through home improvement stores, rating different bathroom appliances and researching the latest and greatest toilets.

At the same time, he particularly active on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram

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