TOTO Drake II Toilet Review: Quality You Can Depend!

When it comes to buying a toilet, you won’t run out of choices. There are a number of different toilets on the market today, from one-piece and two-piece, to tankless and wall-hung. Specify what features you want in a toilet, and it’s probably available. However, only a few names stand out for the quality, design, and efficiency of their merchandise, and the toilet stands out from the competition.

If you want to buy a toilet that is worth every penny, get this. We have written TOTO Drake II review, so you’ll see why we (and many of their users) are quite happy with this toilet.

Technical Features

Material:Vitreous China
Product Dimensions:28.8 x 16.5 x 29.4 inches
Item Weight:94 pounds
Installation Method:Floor
Color:Cotton White
Flush Type:Gravity Flush
Rough-In:12 Inches
Water Consumption:1.28 GPF

Key Features of the TOTO Drake II

Material and Design

This simply and classically-designed toilet comes in several colors, ensuring that you will find one to complement your bathroom style. The toilet has SanaGloss glazing that makes the bowl easy to clean and prevents the growth of mold and mildew and odor-causing bacteria, keeping it cleaner longer. Its wide, 2-1/8″ trapway reduces the risk for clogging.

This two-piece toilet, made of durable vitreous china, has a large water surface and universal height that makes it comfortable for anyone to use. It is ADA (American with Disabilities Act)-compliant, making it good for elderly or handicapped users.

Flushing Technology

The most important feature of a toilet is its flushing technology. This can either give you a relaxing and comfortable time in the toilet for years to come or cause you a lot of headaches and stress.

The toilet uses a Double Cyclone Technology that creates a powerful and strong flush that also serves to clean the bowl. Also, clearing it of waste buildup and reducing the need for frequent cleaning. With this powerful flushing system, you won’t need to flush twice. One flush is all it takes.

Water Consumption

It is a high-efficiency toilet that’s a great water saver. It is EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) WaterSense certified, as it only uses 1.28 gallons of water per flush, which is 20% lower than the standard 1.6 GPF.

Despite its low water consumption, you need not worry about flushing the TOTO Drake toilet multiple times. Its Double Cyclone Technology ensures an efficient flushing every time it’s used. This means you will save more on your water bills, too.

Overall Quality

TOTO is a highly respected and well-recognized brand of toilets and other bathroom fixtures. Its toilets, especially the Drake II, are well worth the price. They are durable, highly efficient, comfortable to use, a water saver, have a powerful flush, and of course, they look great in any bathroom.

One bonus is its ceramic glazing that keeps the bowl clean, so if you don’t enjoy cleaning the toilet often, it won’t matter with the TOTO Drake.

Want to know why TOTO Drake II is the best? Here is a full comparison of Drake and Drake II.

Things We Like

There are many things we like about this toilet. Here are some of them:

  • The toilet has a large water surface that enables thorough cleaning.
  • It has a universal height, and it is ADA-compliant, making it a very comfortable toilet to use.
  • It uses a Double Cyclone flushing technology that gives it a powerful but quiet flush.
  • The toilet saves you some money spent on the water as it only uses 1.28 GPF, unlike other competing brands.
  • It is easy and quick to install.
  • The SanaGloss technology has an ion barrier finish that leaves your toilet bowl clean after every flush.
  • The toilet has a wide 21/8-inch trapway that reduces the probability of clogging and allows waste to leave the toilet bowl easily.

Things We Do Not Like

While this toilet has a lot of excellent features, it has some drawbacks as well. Here are some things we don’t like about the toilet.

  • It is a two-piece toilet, which means you will receive the bowl and the tank separately, delaying the installation process.
  • The toilet has a hollow space between the inside and outside of the bowl, and some users have complained that over time, water gets to leak from the water channel into this space.
  • Although the installation process is easy, some users have found the manual a bit hard to understand.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How to install TOTO Drake II Toilet?

A. Not many toilets are as easy to install as this toilet is. When installing the toilet, first clear away the debris from the closet flange by turning the toilet bowl upside down.

Turn the tank around and ensure that all the nuts and gaskets are properly positioned, connected, and well-tightened, especially the tank to bowl gasket. Make sure not to make it too tight, though.

Connect the water supply and turn it on for a bit, making sure to check for leaks. Place the tank lid on top of the tank so that the parts in it are protected.

Q. What is the dimension and rough-in of TOTO Drake II Toilet?

A. The two-piece toilet has a dimension of 28.75 x 16.5 x 29.44. It has a standard height that’s ADA-compliant. It also has a standard rough-in of 12 inches.


Choosing a toilet from the many toilets available on the market today can be a bit challenging. Thus, it would be best if you can limit yourself to a brand that’s well-known and highly respected. The TOTO Drake II toilet is one of the best no-nonsense toilets today. It looks great, is durable, and a water saver. It has a powerful flush, and it’s comfortable to use too.

Indeed, when it comes to toilets, it is understandable why TOTO Drake II toilet users are very happy with their purchase. With it, they get their money’s worth and are expected to enjoy this toilet for years to come.

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