KOHLER Santa Rosa Review: Our Findings After Rigorous Testing

When it comes to the best toilet to buy, it can be confusing what to choose as there are so many in the market today. Industry leaders have produced one quality toilet after another and, it can be hard to decide on the best one for your bathroom. Your best bet is to focus on a trusted brand and look through its product offerings. You can then narrow down your choices from there.

Kohler, for example, is one of the most well-established in the industry. They have manufactured high-quality toilets and bathroom fixtures through the years, and their stylish Kohler Santa Rosa toilet is one of their highly-rated products.

Take a look at this Kohler Santa Rosa review so you can see why this toilet comes highly recommended.

Technical Features

Product Dimensions:31 x 20.8 x 29 inches
Item Weight:102 pounds
Size:12 Inch
Water Consumption:1.28 GPF
Flush Type:Gravity Flush Toilets
Installation Method:Floor Mounted
Warranty :Limited 1-Year

Key Features of the Kohler Santa Rosa Toilet

Material and Design

It is a one-piece toilet with an elongated seat for more comfort. It is compact and will fit even a small bathroom. The toilet is ADA (American with Disabilities Act)-compliant, too, so most adults won’t have a problem sitting down and standing from this toilet as it has a comfort height.

The vitreous china used for its body makes it easy to clean and gives it a fresh, clean look. Its seamless design also makes cleaning effortless and efficient.

Flushing Technology

The most important feature of a toilet is its flushing technology. The Kohler system has a flushing system that uses a reduced amount of water while working effectively. Its powerful canister flush valve and a large 2.8-inch trapway give it an effective flush every single time. With a single flush, all the waste that would have otherwise been stuck on the bowl sides is completely flushed out.

Water Consumption

To be a water saver, toilets must use less than 1.6 gallons of water per flush (GPF). This eco-friendly toilet uses only 1.28 GPF, making it an excellent water saver. Since it also has a powerful flushing technology, where you only need to flush once, you won’t need to worry about your utility bills increasing.

Installation Process

This toilet is easy to install because it comes delivered with everything you need for the installation process, from the wash rings and bolts to the floor hardware. The toilet seat and lid are included, too, which saves you money and time since you won’t need to order them separately and wait for them to arrive.

Overall Quality

When it comes to a stylish toilet, the toilet is definitely above its competition. It’s material and style, its comfort height, water-saving feature, and its powerful flushing action all make this one-piece toilet an excellent choice for any bathroom. This Kohler toilet comes in several colors, too, to fit any bathroom decor.

Things We Like

There are many things to love about this stylish, one-piece toilet. Here are some of them:

  • It is a one-piece toilet with a seamless design, making the installation and cleaning process easy.
  • It uses a powerful flushing technology that makes flushing easy.
  • It uses a low amount of water per flush (1.28 GPF), which reduces your utility bills.
  • Unlike other toilets, it comes with a seat and lid, saving you money.
  • The trip lever design helps activate the flushing mechanism. This means that even little ones who are toilet training can flush it easily.
  • It is ADA-compliant, which makes it comfortable even for elderly and young users.
  • Its elongated bowl makes using it more comfortable.
  • The sleek and elegant design fits into any bathroom decor.
  • It comes in several colors.

Things We Don’t Like

Since no product is perfect, there are some things about the toilet that we are not happy about as well.

  • It has extremely low water capacity use, so if you use a lot of tissue paper, the toilet may clog.
  • You need to let the tank fill up with water, as it may not flush out as powerfully as it needs to when it’s not full.
  • For some people, installing it isn’t easy because you need the floor where you intend to place it to be leveled.
  • Some people complain that the lid that comes with the toilet is too light and breaks easily.
  • It leaks occasionally.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How do you install the Kohler Santa Rosa toilet?

A. You begin by installing the T bolts and the wax rings, and if your waste plug was flanged, remove it. Then place the toilet on the leveled floor while ensuring you apply its weight evenly. Remember that after you place the toilet there, don’t move it as the bolts may break.

Install the nuts and the washers, making sure that they are not so tight or loose. Install the bolt caps next, but if you need to, cut off the T bolts first. Then connect your water supply and confirm that there are no leaks. Adjust the tank water level if you need to, and finally, place the seat and lid on the toilet.

Q. Are there any problems with Santa Rosa?

A. Some people complain that it doesn’t flush everything out. Remember always to check to confirm if your water tank is full before flushing. Unless it’s full, it will not flush out the waste.

Other consumers also say that it runs consistently or periodically. This happens if you have debris in your fill valve. To help you, go to this link to learn how you can remove the debris.

Q. What are its dimensions and the rough-in of the toilet?

A. It has a dimension of 31×20.8×29 inches and a rough-in of 12 inches, which is standard among toilets today

Q. Does it have a quiet flush?

A. No, it doesn’t. This shouldn’t be a deal-breaker, though, because all its other features are excellent

Q. How wide is the side that goes to fit the wall?

A. It is 18 ¾ inches wide. Go ahead and buy one with a flush lever to prevent the possibility of leakage.


If you want a toilet that looks stylish, is easy to clean and install and has a powerful flush, you will do very well with a toilet. Its elegant design will improve the aesthetics of any bathroom, and its multiple color options ensure you can find one that fits your bathroom decor.

It’s a water-saving toilet that doesn’t increase your water bills, and its comfort height makes it great even for elderly users, too. If you are out to buy a toilet, the Kohler Santa Rosa toilet is the one for you.

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