TOTO Ultramax II Review: Should You Buy One?

If you have ever gone shopping for a classy toilet for your home, you have likely come across a TOTO toilet. TOTO is a brand that has many high-quality toilets on the market today, and it is one of their more impressive products.

If you want to buy a toilet, get one that offers you many great features and has little drawbacks. The Ultramax II is such a toilet, and its high ratings on most TOTO Ultramax II review is a testament to its high quality. Let’s take a look at the features that make this toilet so well received.

Technical Features

Model Number:MS604114CEFG#01
Material:Vitreous China
Product Dimensions:35 x 33 x 23 inches
Item Weight:99 pounds
Installation Method:Floor Mounted
Water Consumption:1.28 GPF
Flush Type:Water Saving Toilets
Warranty:Limited 1-Year

Key Features of the TOTO Ultramax II Toilet

Material and Design

The toilet has a modern design that adds beauty to any bathroom. It is a one-piece toilet, so you do not have to worry about getting the tank and bowl separately. The universal height makes it a very comfortable toilet for adults, while the SoftClose seat means you don’t have to worry about the seat slamming down once you’re done using it.

One of the most significant advantages of using this toilet is the SanaGloss technology used in making the body. This keeps the toilet cleaner longer and makes the cleaning process a lot easier.

Flushing Technology

Few features of a toilet deserve more attention than flushing technology. This is because the flushing technology used by a toilet is a huge factor in how convenient using it is going to be. Nobody wants the stress of having to flush multiple times. Fortunately, this is not an issue with the toilet.

This toilet uses a Double Cyclone flushing technology, which gives it a powerful and quiet flush efficiently, so you can say goodbye to your noisy toilet. With it, you only need to flush once, which means you get to save water as well. The impressive technology used and its low water usage makes it a budget-friendly toilet.

Water Consumption

A water-saving toilet should not use more than 1.6 GPF (gallons of water per flush). However, the Ultramax II does even better. It uses only 1.28 GPF, which is 20% less than the standard 1.6 GPF that most water-saving toilets use. This makes the toilet one of the best water saver you will get on the market.

Such a low water consumption per flush helps reduce your yearly water bill, too. No wonder this toilet does well in most TOTO Ultramax II review.

Installation Process

This is a one-piece toilet, so there is no issue with the parts arriving at different times, making the installation process easy. Unlike many other toilets, it is packaged with a seat, too, which speeds up the installation process.

Overall Quality

When it comes to all-round quality, the Ultramax II does not lose to the competition. It is a great-looking toilet with an elongated bowl for comfort. The standard height is ADA (American with Disabilities Act)-compliant and suitable for most adults. The toilet is also water-efficient, and the powerful flushing technology guarantees you save money on your yearly water bill.

Things We Like

This part excites a lot of people because it gives them a chance to glance through the pros of the toilet. Well, here are some of the things we find commendable about this TOTO toilet.

  • The toilet has a sleek and modern design that gives your bathroom a refreshing look.
  • It uses a Double Cyclone flushing technology, giving it a robust, efficient, and quiet flush.
  • When it comes to water-saving quality, it is one of the best you will find on the market, as it uses only 1.28 GPF.
  • This one-piece toilet comes with a SoftClose seat, which improves your experience when using it.
  • The installation process is straightforward and convenient.
  • The vitreous china body is coated in the SanaGloss finish, making the toilet easy to clean and it stays cleaner longer.
  • The toilet has a 2-1/8-inch diameter trapway that allows waste to exit the bowl easily, reducing the chances of clogging.

Things We Do Not Like

Although it has many excellent features, the toilet is not without its flaws. Some of the things we think are less than adequate include:

  • The design of the drain makes using a plunger tricky whenever you have an issue with clogging.
  • The flapper becomes faulty after a few months of use.
  • Replacing the flapper may prove to be quite tricky, as some users have issues with removing it.
  • The toilet gets clogged occasionally.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How to install a TOTO Ultramax II toilet?

A. Installing this toilet is fast and straightforward. First, fit the bolts to the flange and make sure the threaded side faces upward. Fix the wax ring to the bottom of the bowl and make sure holes at the bottom align with the bolts on the ground. Ensure you press the toilet down to seal the wax ring and the flange.

Tighten the nuts, but make sure you do not make it too tight or too loose. Too tight and the bowl could crack, and if too loose, the toilet won’t be stable. After this, connect the water supply. Ensure that you hand-tighten the ballcock then open the supply valve so that water can go into the toilet tank.

Q. What are the dimensions and rough-in of the Ultramax II toilet?

A. The toilet is a one-piece toilet that has standard dimensions. The height is 17-¼ inches with the seat and 16-1/8 inches without the seat. These dimensions are ADA-compliant for a comfort toilet, so you can be sure to be comfortable when you use this.

This toilet has a rough-in of 12 inches, which is what you will find in most toilets nowadays.

Q. What is the MaP score of the Ultramax II Toilet?

A. The MaP score of a toilet is the amount of waste in grams. A toilet can flush completely in one flush. It is generally a good indication of how effective the toilet is in flushing waste. It has a MaP score of >=800, which is on the “highly recommended” category.

Q. What can you use to clean the toilet?

A. This toilet has a SanaGloss surface that makes cleaning pretty easy. Therefore, it does not need a long cleaning process. All you have to do is use warm water with a good toilet bowl cleaner. Clean the body with a soft brush and wipe it clean with a soft dry cloth. Ensure that you do not use any caustic or gritty substance.


Selecting a toilet goes beyond picking the first toilet you see online. You need to get a highly functional toilet that will save you money as well as effort. To do that, you have to carry out a decent level of research.

You should consider the TOTO Ultramax II toilet next time you want to buy one. It offers you excellent features, including being a water-saver and using excellent flushing technology. If you decide to buy this toilet, you will not regret it for years to come.

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