Standard Height vs. Comfort Height Toilets

Are you looking out for the right toilet height for your toilets? Buying a toilet is not rocket science, but there are several factors you must consider before you settle for a toilet. Factors are like GPF (gallons per flush), bowl design. Other factors are the flush system (single or dual flush), toilet height, one or two-piece toilets, and other design factors. Learn the comparison between one-piece and two-piece toilets.

One of the factors that affect your posture and toilet usage is toilet height. There are different types of toilet height. There is a universal height, comfort height, ADA height, standard height, and regular height. These variations in heights affect the user as humans vary in height.

In this informative piece, you will learn more about comfort height and standard height toilets. This article will help you make the right choice when you are looking to make a buy. You can compare the advantages/disadvantages of the two options and find useful features that will suit your bathroom needs. Let’s get started!

Comfort Height Toilets

Comfort Height Toilets

Comfort height toilets are a new generation set of toilets with significant considerations focused on the comfort of the user. These toilets are popular among taller users and users seeking for better comfort for their bathroom activities.

These toilets’ height sits between 17 to 19 inches from the toilet floor to the top of the toilet seat. They are about 3 inches taller than the regular height toilets. Sometimes, manufacturers make comfort toilets that look shorter, but this adds to the comfort of the user. The toilet height reduces strain while you sit, thus improves your bathroom experience, especially when you are tall.

It’s easy to get confused with the different height names attached by brands. When shopping for a comfort height toilet, you may find other names like universal height, ADA height, comfortable height, and the right height.

These names are usually different brands’ way of naming a comfort height toilet. An example is the Kohler brand that calls is comfort height, while brands like TOTO uses Universal height.

The American standard toilet uses “right height” and ensures that all public spaces with ADA users install the comfort height.

Advantages of the Comfort Height Toilet

Ideal Height

The comfort height toilet has the perfect height for tall adults and the elderly. Its extra comfort features enhance your bathroom experience.

ADA Compliant

If you are looking for an ADA compliant toilet for your personal or business use, then you should check out the comfort height toilets.

Disadvantages of the Comfort Height Toilets

Not Ideal for Kids and Shorter Adults

Just like it is cool for tall adults, kids and shorter adults will have their legs hanging above the floor. This may lead to strains that could cause a loss of circulation in the legs. Also, comfort height toilets can increase the chances of constipation in adult users.

Standard Height Toilets

Standard Height Toilets

Standard height toilets are the regular or routine height toilets available since the start of water cistern toilets. Standard height toilets have a height of about 14 to 16 inches from the toilet floor to the toilet bowl. They are comfortable for kids and shorter adults as they won’t leave your feet dangling above the floor or cause you to strain yourself.

The standard toilet has a good advantage over the comfort height toilet as everyone can use it. Both short and tall adults can use the toilet without having to strain or dangle their feet. This will end the loss of blood circulation and any other inconvenience related to it.

It also allows you to clean your bowl as your hip sits in a position lower than your knee. Thus, if you have constipation issues, you can clean your bowl owning to the seating position.

Advantages of the Standard Height Toilets

Ideal for All Users

The standard height toilet is ideal for all users. Thus, kids, short and tall adults can use the toilet.

Better Cleansing Position

The toilet allows for a natural sitting position that helps users with constipation empty their bowls.

Disadvantages of Standard Height Toilets

Low Height

The few inches drop in height makes it difficult for tall and older people to stand up after using the toilet. Hence, it is not comfortable and will cause you to strain yourself or reach for extra support. It is also not ideal for ADA users.

Comfort Height or Standard Height Toilet?

Your choice of toilet height depends on your preference. Both the comfort height and standard height toilets are ideal for different situations. If you are tall, elderly, or need a toilet for ADA users, then you should get the comfort height toilet.

But, you should get the standard toilet if you are not tall or have kids in your home. The standard toilet also helps put you in a natural sitting position to help you empty your bowel. If you have issues with using the toilet, then you should consider getting the standard toilet.

Which Toilet is Easy to Use?

Both the comfort height and standard height toilets are easy to use. It depends on the user and then the manufacturer. You can sit and stand from both toilets. Your feet will also rest on the floor.

But, the comfort toilet makes it easier for you to get up from lower positions. Thus, it is ideal for tall, elderly ADA users. Also, it will be too tall for kids, and short users as their feet will dangle and prevent the flow of blood. This could lead to pains and strain in the leg.

Which Looks Better?

The physical appearance of both toilets depends on a lot of factors like the manufacturer, color, style, and shape. Some manufacturers may decide to include a one or two-piece design. The one-piece toilets are usually classy and pricy too. They fit well in modern bathrooms and contemporary styled washroom. They are also easy to clean and maintain in the long run.

The two-piece toilets are the styled toilets. They are less pricy and not fancy like the one-piece toilet. Both toilets may either is the gravity flush system or have a flushing mechanism that is pressure-assisted.

Any Notable Difference in the Installation of Comfort Height vs. Standard Height Toilets?

The installation of both the Comfort Height and the Standard height toilets are the same. All you need to do is ensure that the connections in the bowl and tank are secure. Also, make sure the flush valve and flapper are working, and there is no leaking point in the connections.

If you are a good handyman, you will have no problem installing the toilets. Most manufacturers include a manual to help you install the toilet. You will also find the necessary tools and bolts you need for the toilet.

But, you may need to hire a professional to help you when installing special toilets like the smart toilet. An electrician and a plumber will come in handy in such a situation. You may have to pay an installation fee for the process.

How Do You Tell the Difference Between the Two Toilets?

The difference between the standard height toilet and the comfort height toilet lies in their height. The standard height toilet is shorter than the comfort height toilet. A toilet bowl height is a height from the toilet floor to the bowl, and the seat height is the height from the toilet floor to the seat. The difference lies in the toilet seat height.

Does Toilet Height Help Users With Constipation Issues?

As earlier mentioned, the standard toilet puts you in a natural seating position. This position aids the complete evacuation of the bowl. The toilet height ensures that the hips sit below the height of the knee, putting you in a squat position. This position puts the rectum in the right place for total defecation.

The squatting position helps prevent hemorrhoids. Thus, the standard height toilet is ideal for users with constipation issues.

But, you can achieve this position with the comfort height toilet when you get a step stool. A step stool will help mimic the position. It also allows kids and shorter adults to use the comfort height toilet without their feet hanging above the toilet floor.

Bottom Line

Now you have good knowledge about the standard height and the comfort height toilet seats. You can go ahead and make the right choice based on your preference. Remember, the standard height has its advantages but is pricier, especially when they come in one-piece.

They are also lower than the comfortable height toilets. You should go for the comfort height toilet if you find it difficult standing up from a low level. If you are struggling with constipation issues, then you should stick with the standard height toilet.

If you can’t deal with the low height, then you can get a step stool to help put you in a natural squatting position.

The appearance and nature of both toilets depend on the manufacturer. Thus, you have to pay proper attention to the brand before you make your final buy. The installation also depends on the nature of the toilet. You can DIY or get a professional to help you out. Good luck!

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