What Kind of Toilet Bowl Should You Go For?

Like everything in life, toilets too are rendered unique by their vast differences in shape and design. These variations, no matter how insignificant, can affect your bathroom comfort.

If you are buying a toilet for the second or third time, you probably have no problem figuring out the type of bowl you need. Unfortunately for first-timers, it’s possible they don’t know what works well for them.

The good news is, we are going to talk about the common toilet bowls that can deliver the best bathroom experience you are hoping for.

Types of Toilet Bowls

Elongated Toilet Bowl

An elongated toilet bowl is oval-shaped and extends approximately three inches to the front than a round toilet. This is a common fixture in many homes as it’s regarded to be the comfiest to seat on for both adults and kids. The wider shape also makes it effortless for those with disabilities to use it.

When it comes to proper utilization of small spaces, elongated bowl toilets may not be the ideal choice. According to most building codes, there should be at least 21-inches of free space-something round toilets can easily ace due to their smaller size.

When it comes to maintenance, elongated bowls are easy to care for. This is because the longer extension makes it possible to peek into the interior and access hidden areas. It’s highly possible that elongated toilets flush better than round models although this is mostly determined by the existing flushing technology.

How Much Does an Elongated Bowl Toilet Cost?

On average, elongated toilets cost somewhere between $200 and $400. Of course, the price can go so high depending on the complexity of the features. You would need an additional $40-$130 for installation. This too varies depending on where the toilet will be located and how much plumbing is needed.

Round Bowl toilet

From the name, you can tell round toilets are close to a perfect circle. Their design is about 3-inches smaller than elongated models and therefore suitable for extra-small bathrooms or simply as an extra toilet in the garden, pool area, and other external areas.

Round toilets are fairly affordable. You would need roughly $180 for the cheapest models to upwards of $500 for better ones. Installation costs are the same as for an elongated toilet.

One of the downsides of round toilets is that they are not that easy to clean. This is because of the fairly small space. Secondly, the wide bowl will need a few seconds of proper positioning before you can let loose.

Both elongated and round toilets can come in either one-piece, two-piece, or wall-hung designs. Some of them have intelligent features like a self-cleaning wand, massage capability, automatic flushing, and other utopia lifestyle specs.

Compact-elongated Toilet

Now, if either a round or elongated model feels a bit off from your desired comfort, then a compact-elongated design might appeal to you. So basically, you get the coziness of an elongated toilet but with the space-saving features of a round toilet. That’s why compact toilets can be an uncontested choice for any bathroom.

Toilet Bowl Material

The best toilets come in porcelain, Vitreous China, and ceramic materials. While any can do, the slight differences in material make-up can affect not only longevity but the ease of cleaning as well.

Porcelain is durable and cheap. This explains why it has withstood the test of time. There are a couple of amazing finishes like Cefiontech, Sanagloss, and EverClean that are thrown on top for a shiny glaze. These technologies may prop up the price a little but they also do let waste glide down the drain without leaving disturbing stains.

Ceramic toilets tend to cost a bit more. There are also unique vintage wood designs that cost an arm and a leg. But when it comes to enchanting interior design, wood delivers an appeal like no other. Unfortunately, their maintenance is both costly and demanding.

Speaking of décor, you can also choose a toilet bowl based on color strains that match your existing décor. There are many colors you can opt for besides white or shades of white.

Can You Replace an Elongated Toilet With a Round Bowl or Vice Versa?

If the rough-in is the same, then a round bowl toilet can seamlessly take the position of an elongated toilet and vice versa. The only problem is going to be the seat. Because of their shapes, these two toilets cannot share the same seat.

Wrap Up

The two most common toilet bowls are elongated and round. If none of them seems appealing to you, then try a compact elongated one as it offers the best of both worlds.

You don’t have to make a decision based on what you just read. Visit your neighbor or friend’s house and check out what kind of bowl they have. Sit on them and go with the shape that is comfiest to you. For more info, check out our article on elongated vs. round bowl toilets. See you around.

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