How to Pick the Right Toilet for Bathroom?

You just use the toilet for a simple purpose; to answer nature’s call. So the question is, does it matter what you buy? Of course, it does. According to research, an average person goes to the toilet approximately 2500 times a year. So yes, the toilet must be great to look at and sit on.

Toilets pop up in many designs and performance effectiveness. You cannot simply close your eyes and point at any model. There’s quite a lot to consider. Let’s jump straight to the details.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Toilet for Your Bathroom

Bathroom space

First, you need to think about your bathroom space. An elongated two-piece toilet is pretty big and could end up filling your entire bathroom. Those with tiny spaces can go for space-saving toilets like one-piece and wall-hung.


This is something you cannot ignore. Some bathrooms are on the top floors and that means no floor plumbing. This means you need to consider toilets whose outlet faces the wall. Those with basement bathrooms would be better off with macerating toilets that pump waste upwards through an outlet pipe.


If you are looking for a replacement toilet, make sure to know the rough-in measurement of the previous model. This will ensure the new fixture fits well.

Rough-in is the distance from the wall behind the toilet to the center of its bolts. Standard toilets have a rough-in measurement of between 11 and 13 inches. Those with smaller bathrooms should be looking for those with a 10-inch rough-in.

Toilet type

So what toilet type are you looking for? One-piece and two-piece toilets are the most common because of their affordability. Dual flush toilets would be an appealing choice for those who wish to conserve water. There are also waterless options that don’t need you to set up plumbing.

Modern décor and deluxe homes could really work best with touchless, smart toilets and other intelligent choices out there. So if comfort is at the top of your mind, smart commodes should be at the top of your list.


Sure, most of the homes have white toilets but that’s not to say other colors don’t exist. Other common choices include brown, pink, blue, yellow, gray, green, and even pink. Pick colors based on the mood you want or existing décor.


It goes without saying that elongated bowls are mostly preferred for their comfort. Round bowls are another lovely choice for those wishing to save some space. Compact elongated is a hybrid between round and elongated bowls and therefore the best choice for those who don’t know what bowl shape will work for them.


On a scale of 1-10, how disturbed do you get if you have to flush a toilet twice just so the waste can jet down the drain? Don’t answer. We can easily guess your feedback.

You should have a toilet that once you press the flush button, you head out without worrying about whether the flushing did its job. Flushing twice is not only cumbersome but wastes water as well.

When you are buying a toilet for your bathroom, try to spend a bit more on effective fixtures. But you must be wondering, how do I tell if a toilet flushes effectively? Well, first, any pressure-assisted toilet works amazingly for homes with many people. Just make sure not to have it close to sleeping zones as they tend to flush loudly.

The size of the trapway can affect flushing effectiveness. Simply put, the bigger the trapway the more effective the toilet will be at clearing waste. Smart toilets are by default very powerful as they are costly and feature-rich.

Toilet height

You should decide how high you want the toilet to be. If you have kids, a standard height model would make it easy for them to sit on. If there is a disabled member in the house, try ADA toilets as they make transitioning from a wheelchair to the seat effortless.

Ease of cleaning

Who loves washing a toilet? Oh please, not you. You do it because you have to…otherwise you wouldn’t. So before you swipe your card, ask yourself, how easy do you want the cleaning job to be?

There’s good news. High-end toilets come with innovative self-cleaning features that take away the trouble of frequent cleanups. You can’t afford those? No problem. How about going for high-quality ceramics that easily let dirt glide off of them like a piece of melting ice exposed to the red eye of the sun.

Also, the design of the toilet can determine how long you will stay in the bathroom trying to get it looking spotless. Wall hung and one-piece toilets don’t have many crevices and are easy to deal with. Two-piece toilets, while affordable, have many joints that can be quite nightmarish to access.


Pick toilets that come with their seats so you don’t have to do shopping twice. There two common seats to pick from-the free-falling and soft-closing. Those that fall with a bang can scare kids, the elderly, and anyone who wasn’t prepared for a loud bang. The soft-closing type, however, closes slowly behind you.

Over to you

Yippee! Now you know how to pick the right toilet for your bathroom. Toilets can cost as little as $90 and upwards of $1500. If you must know, the more you spend, the better the deal. Toilets that cost under $100 can be a great bargain but they lack powerful features that make for an amazing bathroom experience.

So, how much are you going to spend? Don’t worry, we don’t need to know that. Take a tour around our blog to uncover some potentially good toilets you didn’t know about. Ciao!

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