Toilet Sink Combo: Saving Water & Bathroom Space

There is a lot going on in the world to make someone sad. But despite all that gloominess, there are upcoming inventions that make someone feel lucky to be alive…think of electric cars, self-driving cars, smart home systems, and a toilet sink combo. Amazing right? We know.

The insane bills shoveled at you towards the end of the month can be overwhelming. Particularly so if you run a mega house with many kids and adults in it. One place that you can target to lower bills is the bathroom.

Lately, toilets come in many convenient and concepts like cost-saving dual flush toilets and composting units. Another model that could really go easy on your bank account is a toilet sink combo. This is not a recent invention. In fact, it dates back to 1950 and is common in Japan, where people make good use of small spaces.

Toilet Tank Sink Combo- How It Works

In this combination, rather than your toilet coming with only the bowl and tank, there is an included sink atop the water tank. Now, as you wash your hands after a bathroom session, the water flows through a tube and into the water cistern. This water will be used to execute the next flash rather than going down the drain as is the case with typical sinks.

Having sinks work alongside toilets can bring relief to those people who feel guilty flashing waste with cleaning water. If you think about it for a minute, it’s actually unfair to use clean water to wash away crap when some parts of your country or the world, in general, lack clean water. But when you flush with soap-dirty water (greywater) you don’t feel guilty at all.

But it’s not just about peace of mind and cost-saving. There’s more.

You see, kids are notoriously ignorant of sanitation rules. They infringe on these rules blissfully while oblivious of the health risks they expose themselves to. But when the sink is right there above the toilet tank, how can they avoid washing their hands?

Another huge reason you would be better off with a toilet tank sink combo is to make better space use. Assuming you also go for wall-hung toilets or tankless types, you will remain with plenty of space to move around. Believe it when we say tall people whose knees stretch all the way to the wall or door will be at peace.

One more thing; some of you use perfumed soaps and detergents to wash hands. The beauty of this is, if your mess happens to be exceedingly smelly, then you can count on the perfumed soap to engulf some of that stench. Furthermore, soapy water acts on dirt and stains, thereby lessening the chances of your toilet clogging.

Water Refill Process

You are probably wondering, wouldn’t I have to wait for the toilet tank to refill before switching off the faucet? Is there a possibility of water overflow in the sink? Well, here is the answer. The Toilet tank sink combo is operated hands-free. You don’t need to touch the faucets. After flushing, the refill begins as you wash your hands. Sanitary, right?

Once the tank is full, the float disconnects water flow automatically and will begin another refill round when the bowl is emptied.

Cons of Toilet Tank Sink Combo

Having a sink on your toilet is great. However, it’s not all rainbows and unicorns. There are a few drawbacks that, if handled correctly, you could end up with a satisfying experience. The first issue is the location of the sink. If it lies right behind the toilet, you would have to bend awkwardly over the toilet bowl to wash your hands. So fix this by having it a bit to the sides.

Secondly, if by any chance you forget to close the toilet lid, splashes could land on the seat making it wet for the next person. Of course, you can fix that by ensuring the lid is on before using the sink.

Things to Consider

You can get a toilet that comes with a sink in one unit. This saves you both the time and expenses of hiring someone to retrofit a sink. As you already know, the other option is to buy the sink designed to go onto the top of the tank. For those going this route, there is a bit of learning and legwork involved.

When going for the tank sinks, another issue to consider is compatibility. The ease of installation is also going to vary from one model to another. The good news is, there are multiple tutorials that teach how to install a sink to a toilet tank.

Another thing you need to look for is a dedicated spot for soap, soap dish, or detergent. You don’t want to have to put soap on the floor, carry it to the restroom every time, or worse, leave it in the sink. The presence of faucet aerators that soften water and curtail splashes can also improve the overall toilet experience.

Wrap Up

Toilet technology is advancing too fast. Homes now have smart toilets and useful bidet toilets that literally massage your bottom after answering nature’s call. This makes you wonder, why exactly should I go for toilet sink combo models?

Okay. First, if you really care about water conservation, you will not think twice about picking toilet sink combo models. Secondly, this arrangement is almost mandatory for homes with small bathroom spaces. This approach is great for promoting frequent hand washing especially in a place where kids tend to ignore that hygiene practice. Toddles!

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