The 7 Best Toilet Bowl Cleaners in 2022

Among all the facilities in your house, the toilet bowl is the most used and the most important to get cleaned regularly. A dirty toilet may breed harmful bacteria and can affect your health. However, no one loves cleaning the toilet.

No one! Indeed, getting the toilet bowl cleaner can be a tedious task, especially if it has stubborn stains from organic matter, rust, and minerals. With a good cleaner, though, you can get your toilet spotless in no time at all.

It helps a lot in keeping your toilet clean. They contain chemicals that soften the dirt and grime in your toilet and remove harmful bacteria. They dissolve stubborn stains, rust, and other organic debris without harming the plumbing.

Not all toilet cleaners are made alike, though. Some are better than others to remove stains caused by deposits, rust, or minerals from hard water. With so many brands in the market claiming to be the best, how could you possibly know which one to choose?

To help you decide on which cleaner to purchase for your home, we have come up with a list of the 7 best toilet bowl cleaners in the market today. Read the reviews and choose the cleaner that best meets your needs.

Best Toilet Bowl Cleaners

Product NameLatest PriceSizeWeight
Fluidmaster 8300 Flush 'n Sparkle Toilet Bowl CleaningCheck Price2 Ct.6.4 ounces
Lysol No Mess Automatic Toilet Bowl CleanerCheck Price8 Ct.11.2 oz
Lime-A-Way Liquid Toilet Bowl CleanerCheck Price1 Pack1.82 pounds
Clorox Disinfecting Bathroom CleanerCheck Price2 Pack30 oz
Green Works Toilet Bowl CleanerCheck Price4 Pack24 Ounce
Lysol Power & Fresh Toilet Bowl CleanerCheck Price1 Pack24 oz
Lysol Complete Clean Toilet Bowl CleanerCheck Price2 Ct.0.96 ounces

1. Fluidmaster Toilet Bowl Cleaning System

Fluidmaster 8300 Flush 'n Sparkle Toilet Bowl Cleaning

Fluidmaster is said to be the number one toilet repair brand in the world (according to them), but they don’t only repair toilets, they also produce highly-rated toilet bowl cleaners. The Fluidmaster 8300 Flush ‘n Sparkle is just another one of their products that reflect their reputation. It makes the job of cleaning the toilet so much easier that after using this, you will say goodbye to the old brushing and scrubbing system.

This self-cleaning cleaner is way ahead of other brands of liquid cleaners. It is automatic – all you have to do is install it, and it does the job of cleaning the toilet bowl every time you flush. This cleaning system includes an efficient DIY project that gives you instructions that could keep your toilet clean for up to 3 months. Is it magic? No. It’s pure chemistry with a little bit of technology at work.

Don’t get all worked up about how to use this toilet cleaner as it is easy to use. It effectively cleans and disinfects the toilet bowl with each flush without damaging the toilet tank, unlike the drop-in bleach tablets.

The Fluidmaster 8300 Flush ‘n Sparkle Automatic bowl cleaner comes with a bleach cleaning solution that lasts three months; after this period, you can replace the cartridge with a new one. This makes the toilet cleaning process as easy as possible.


  • It is easy to use.
  • It lasts long, up to three months for every cartridge.
  • It eliminates scrubbing and brushing the toilet.
  • Bleach cartridge is safe to replace without gloves on.
  • It repairs damages caused by bleach tablets.
  • It releases the cleanser automatically, every time you flush.
  • It is easy to install.
  • It doesn’t leave any residue that will damage your toilet system.


  • The cartridges are expensive.
  • Installation may require a modification for some toilet types.
  • It may cause flush problems in old toilets.
  • The tubing allows mold and mildew growth.
  • It is not compatible with all toilet types.

Fluidmaster is the leading toilet repair brand today, and with its Fluѕh N’ Sparkle Autоmаtіс Tоіlеt Bowl Clеаnіng System, it has proven it does more than just repair toilets.

2. Lysol No Mess Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Lysol No Mess Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Lysol is an industry leader when it comes to cleaning supplies. It has been in the market for over 100 years, and when it comes to cleaning products that kill germs, expect Lysol to be ahead of the competition. It’s as high-quality as its other products, including the Lysol No Mess Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Atlantic Fresh Scent.

This 8-count pack is an automatic cleaner that combines rapid cleaning with technology to give your toilet a sparkling look. You still need to scrub and toilet brush for your toilet, but when you use this, you won’t need to do so often. It also leaves a pleasant, fresh, clean smell.

The anti-microbial feature of this cleaner rids your toilet of disease-causing microbes and odor-causing bacteria. You do not have to worry about your tank and flapper being damaged because it is installed in the bowl.

Installation of the system is secure and allows the proper functioning of the cleaner. The No Mess Cleaner from Lysol is durable as it lasts up to three months when you use it alone.


  • It leaves no residue after cleaning.
  • It freshens the air in and around your toilet.
  • It has an anti-microbial property and eliminates odor-causing bacteria.
  • It is easy to use and install.
  • It significantly reduces the scrubbing of the toilet bowl.
  • It lasts long.


  • Using this will not completely eliminate scrubbing.
  • It doesn’t clean effectively.
  • The scent doesn’t last long.
  • It traps debris and floating dirt.

When it comes to cleaning agents, nothing can beat Lysol. The Lysol No Mess Automatic Cleaner, Atlantic Fresh Scent freshens and cleans your toilet automatically after every flush, leaving it odor-free, bacteria-free, and smelling fresh and clean all day. It is definitely a very effective cleaner and deodorizer.

3. Lime-A-Way Liquid Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Lime-A-Way Liquid Toilet Bowl Cleaner

The Lime-A-Way Liquid Toilet Bowl Cleaner is formulated to ensure you don’t break your back, trying to scrub off that tough stain from your toilet bowl. It rids your toilet of calcium buildup caused by hard water as well as lime and rust. The thick gel formula makes sure of this by coating and covering the bowl long enough to remove stains, including those below the waterline.

This cleaner is handy as it starts to work within one minute of application. The scrubbing process is straightforward after this treatment – you just flush immediately after a short scrub and your toilet come out sparkling and bright.

Lime-A-Way combines its stain-eliminating turbo power with calcium residue removal to allow your toilet to become something you are always proud of. Not only does it clean, but it also leaves behind a clean, fresh scent that will refresh your toilet.


  • It cleans rapidly.
  • It removes tough stains caused by calcium, lime, and rust, even below the waterline.
  • It leaves your toilet smelling fresh and clean.
  • Once it works its magic, it doesn’t require so much scrubbing, and easy brush will do.
  • Its thick gel formula keeps it in place for much longer while it works on your toilet


  • It doesn’t completely eliminate brushing and scrubbing.
  • The gel is not as thick as advertised.
  • It doesn’t totally remove lime.
  • It is a bit pricey.
  • It is toxic.

For the toughest bathroom stains caused by hard water, the Lime-A-Way Liquid Bowl Cleaner is hard to beat as its thick gel formula easily glides onto ceramic and porcelain surfaces above and below the toilet bowl water line.

4. Clorox Disinfecting Bathroom Cleaner

Clorox Disinfecting Bathroom Cleaner

An industry leader when it comes to cleaning agents, the name Clorox has been synonymous with bleach for decades. People all over the world actually thought that another name for bleach is Clorox. However, Clorox doesn’t just make bleach products; its Clorox Disinfecting Bathroom Cleaner, for example, is bleach-free.

It is actually a two-in-one cleaner that combines a cleaning and disinfecting. With Clorox, you don’t have to worry about soap scum as it dissolves it in just one spray. The invigorating citrus scent left behind after cleaning your toilet will make you glad you got it.

Since it is bleach-free, you don’t have to worry about the strong scent and any potential chlorine discoloration of your toilet. It just disinfects and eliminates 99.9% of odor-causing bacteria and disease-causing viruses. It doesn’t just work on your toilet bowl as it is a multi-surface cleaner, too. Just spray your bathroom surface with this Clorox product and wipe away the soap scum or dirt and grime with a sponge or a piece of cloth.


  • It effectively cleans and removes soap scum, dirt, and grime on your bathroom surface.
  • It leaves behind a fresh scent.
  • It is bleach-free.
  • It has a disinfectant property as it rids your toilet of germs.
  • Using it to clean is very easy.


  • The scent is pungent.
  • It is toxic; using it requires protection with gloves.
  • It doesn’t remove rust.
  • The cleaning solution is thin.

Clorox is an industry leader when it comes to cleaning products. With their powerful Bleach-Free Disinfecting Bathroom Cleaner that removes bacteria, dirt, and grime upon contact, you get a spotlessly clean bathroom in a short time.

5. Green Works Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Green Works Toilet Bowl Cleaner

The Green Works Toilet Bowl Cleaner is an eco-friendly cleaner that keeps your toilet clean and your septic tank safe. It is bleach-free and made with plant-based ingredients. Its powerful gel formula cuts through the toughest stain, leaving your toilet spotless. It acts on rust, calcium deposits, and hard water stains to remove them altogether.

This cleaner is not to be used with bleach or bleach-containing products as the mixture can produce harmful gases. Green Works clean better than a variety of cleaners in its category that contain bleach. It doesn’t only clean but also gets rid of the unpleasant smell, leaving your toilet sparkling clean and smelling fresh.


  • It is eco-friendly and doesn’t include bleach.
  • It takes out rust, hard water stains, and calcium deposits.
  • It is made of plant-based ingredients.
  • It leaves a fresh scent behind.
  • It is safe for your septic tank.


  • It is too thin.
  • It doesn’t remove the toughest stain.

The ingredients in this Green Works Toilet Bowl Cleaner is 99% natural. It is better (or at least equal to) other leading toilet cleaners when it comes to removing stubborn dirt and stain on your toilet bowl, including calcium deposits, rust, and hard water stains. Go green with Green Works.

6. Lysol Power & Fresh Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Lysol Power & Fresh Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Lysol’s products are definitely at the forefront when it comes to cleaning. The Lysol Power & Fresh Toilet Bowl Cleaner, for example, effectively disinfects the toilet and kills 99.9% of harmful bacteria and disease-causing viruses, leaving your toilet smelling fresh and clean. The angled bottle of the cleaner makes removing dirt from hard-to-reach areas quite easy.

This Power & Fresh Cleaner has a thick formula that sticks to stubborn dirt and removes them easily. It deodorizes your toilet with a fresh scent while also effectively eliminating toilet rings and tough stains. Lysol always meets expectations and has done it again with this cleaner.


  • It keeps the toilet clean for up to four weeks.
  • It gives off a fresh scent.
  • It eliminates tough toilet ring stains.
  • It kills 99.9% of harmful bacteria and disease-causing viruses.
  • It is bleach-free.


  • It leaves a blue stain on the toilet bowl.
  • It doesn’t eliminate scrubbing.
  • It doesn’t clean effectively.

For a disinfecting toilet bowl cleaner, nothing can beat the Lysol products. The Lysol Power & Fresh not only kills almost all bacteria and viruses on your toilet bowl, but it also leaves it smelling fresh and clean, too.

7. Lysol Complete Clean Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Lysol Complete Clean Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Given its reputation in the market, it’s no wonder that Lysol has three products included in this best toilet bowl cleaners review. Like the other products already mentioned, the Lysol Complete Clean Toilet Bowl Cleaner with Bleach is another high-quality cleaning agent from an industry leader. It has a thick gel cleaning formula that sticks to stubborn dirt and grime, making it easy to scrub them away.

It is formulated with bleach so it works faster and more effectively, removing tough stains from both above and below the waterline. The container sprout is angled to ensure that the cleaner gets to even the hardest-to-reach areas in the toilet bowl, leaving all parts of your toilet exceptionally clean and spotless.

With Lysol Complete Clean, you don’t need to worry about bacteria and viruses. The formulation rids your toilet of odor and disease-causing germs, and what’s more, leaves your toilet smelling clean, too.


  • It eliminates bacteria and viruses.
  • It removes tough stains.
  • It gets to areas that your brush can’t get to, ensuring all-around cleaning.
  • Its thick gel formula stays on the bowl long enough to rid it of stains.
  • Its bottle has an angled spout for easy application.
  • It cleans the bowls faster and more effectively.
  • It works with minimal scrubbing.


  • It is not eco-friendly.
  • It does not eliminate scrubbing.
  • It is not as thick as advertised.
  • It doesn’t eliminate lime stains.
  • It has a very bleachy smell that can be overwhelming.

When it comes to cleaning your toilet bowl and bathroom surfaces, Lysol got you covered. This Lysol Complete Clean Toilet Bowl Cleaner with Bleach, for example, works faster and more effectively because of its bleach component. It leaves a nice, clean smell, too, that would make your time in the toilet more comfortable.

Best Toilet Bowl Cleaners Buying Guide

When you are out to buy a toilet bowl cleaner, you will be faced with a minor challenge: there are just so many brands! Which one will you choose? Sure, some have been there ever since before you were born (like Clorox or Lysol), but there are others as well with their selling points.

When you refer to their marketing materials, for example, each brand touts itself as the best in the market. To help you decide on which bowl cleaner to buy, we have come up with a list of factors you should consider when choosing a cleaner for your toilet bowl.


It is essential to know the major ingredients used to make the cleaner. You may have allergies, so having full knowledge of the ingredients used will help you to stay away from those that are not good for your health.

Some of the cleaners, for example, have bleach as a major ingredient, some are 100% natural, while some are chemical-based but without the bleach. Choose a product that doesn’t affect your health.

Cleaning Range

Now, this is quite daunting as some manufacturers would claim that their product is effective against all kinds of stains. To know what their actual cleaning range is, you can read toilet bowl cleaners reviews like this article. You can also check out the individual reviews of the product on Amazon or other online marketplaces.

Customers’ feedbacks will inform you of what kind of stains the cleaner is ineffective against. Reading the product description would also help.


Most liquid cleaners are reported to be more effective in cleaning relative to the amount of time they spend on the bowl. This is largely determined by how thick the cleaner is. Thin cleaners would run down quickly even before the cleaning has started while thick gel cleaners stay on longer. You might want to keep this in mind when you’re buying liquid cleaners.

Ease of Installation

This doesn’t apply to gel and spray cleaners; it is usually for cleaners that come as a kit that you would have to install either in-tank or in the bowl. A fair amount of toilet cleaners within this category are easy to install.

However, a few of them pose a problem when installing. Checking out this detail is essential. You can find a lot of information from customer reviews.

Eco-Friendliness of the Product

Most products are made with toxic chemicals, while some others are eco-friendly. The environment should always be on your mind when making a buy. Hence, you should look out for natural cleaners made with 100% natural products and those with the least bleach as possible.

The only challenge with this is that most natural product cleaners don’t clean as effectively as chemical-based, and bleach-containing products do. You have to decide which is more relevant to you.

Recyclable Containers

Waste management is of global relevance, so look out for cleaners that have recyclable containers. That way, you can make your own little contribution to environmental safety.

Germicidal and Fragrant Property

Looking out for a cleaner that rids your toilet of germs while giving it a fresh and clean smell is a win-win. Most recent formulations combine these properties, and a lot of people lookout for this. Keeping this in mind will help you out when making a buy.


When you want to buy a cleaner, keep your budget in mind. Look for cleaners within your budget, so you don’t go through the stress of looking all over again. Checking product reviews, as mentioned earlier, is a great way to know which products rank top. Once you’ve read the product reviews, it’d be easy for you to choose the best.

Types of Cleaners

Cleaners come in several packages. Choosing which type to buy depends on your preferences. Here are some of them to help you decide.

  • Squirt bottle: These types of cleaners come in bottles that make it easy to access the toilet’s hard-to-reach areas. Liquid and gel cleaners come in this container and are very effective against stains even under the rim.
  • Spray: These types of cleaners are usually liquid or aerosol. They come in spray bottles and all you need to do is spray on to the affected area and wipe off with a sponge or a piece of cloth.
  • Gel: Gels are formulated in the form of thick viscous liquids that you can apply along the bowl rims. They cover the dirt and stains and loosen them, making it easy to scrub off the stains with a brush and flush. Thick gels are usually very effective in cleaning the toilet; they stay on the bowl long enough to rid it of stains.
  • Tablets: Tablets are solid in nature, and all you have to do is drop them in the bowl or tank. Most tablets are made of chlorine or bromine. These are very strong chemicals offering dual action: both cleaning and antiseptic.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Do chlorine tablets ruin toilets?

A. Chlorine tablets will leave your toilet fresh and clean. However, they cause damages to the seals and gaskets in your toilet that will lead to leakage. Using these chlorine tablets do not provide any warranty to cover for the damage they’ll cause to your toilet.

Q. How do you get a blue toilet cleaner off your hands?

A. Washing your hands with a mildly abrasive handwash will do. You can also make baking soda and water into a paste and clean your hands with it. Alternatively, wear gloves before handling the cleaner.

Q. Are bleach tablets safe for your septic tanks?

A. Moderate amounts of chlorine bleach aren’t bad for your septic tank. At high concentrations, however, it can be deadly for the beneficial bacteria in your tank.

Q. Are toilet bowl cleaners safe for your septic tanks?

A. Yes. When toilet bowl cleaners are used as directed, they do not pose a threat to the septic system. Some of them break down into salt and water before getting down there.

Q. What type of cleaner can you use for the toilet surface?

A. Spray cleaners are the best cleaners for this purpose. All you need is a sponge to wipe off after spraying.


The importance of toilets can never be overemphasized. Yet, it is one of the most vulnerable places for infection and contamination given its nature. Keeping your toilet clean regularly, then, is vital for your health. The best toilet bowl cleaners discussed here are the best in the industry. Getting any one of them won’t be a bad idea.

As a personal preference, however, we would recommend the Clorox Disinfecting Bathroom Cleaner, Bleach Free. It has both cleaning and germicidal properties and works fast on stubborn stains without damaging your toilet and septic systems.

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