The 6 Best Acrylic Bathtub of 2020

Have you ever felt the need to have that spa treatment that will help you relax, your entire body soak, and refreshed?

Is your current bathtub not unable to retain the desired heat that will give you the ultimate relaxation?

Why not try an Acrylic bathtub; the bathroom magic that can offer you that spa-feeling, to help you enjoy a splendid and relaxing at home.

Nonetheless, there are lots of acrylic bathtubs in the market, and knowing the brands that will provide you that deep soak task can be daunting indeed.

To simplify the process for you, we have reviewed the 6 Best Acrylic Bathtubsof 2020 to guide you before making a choice.

From all indications, the WoodbridgeBath 8225-170 WOODBRIDGE Bathtub is a market leader that possesses all the essential features and is built with the perfect depth such that it contains more volume of water when compared to others.

Which of the other bathtub is ready to take on WoodbridgeBath 8225-170? Which one can challenge for the title by adding aesthetic value to your decor.

Let’s find out below!

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Best Acrylic Bathtub

ImageProduct NameMaterialWater CapacityLatest Price
WoodbridgeBath 8225-170Acrylic65 GallonsCheck Price
MAYKKE Barnet 61" Acrylic BathtubAcrylic66 GallonsCheck Price
AKDY 67" BathtubAcrylic79 GallonsCheck Price
KOHLER K-1229-LA-0 Mariposa 5.5Acrylic60 GallonsCheck Price
American Standard 2764014M202.011Acrylic58 GallonsCheck Price
KOHLER K-1150-LA-0 Bancroft 5Acrylic60 GallonsCheck Price

1. WoodbridgeBath 8225-170 WOODBRIDGE Bathtub

WoodbridgeBath 8225-170 WOODBRIDGE Bathtub

Are you thinking of a long, comfortable, and leisure soak? The solution is the WoodbridgeBath 8225, given its wide, deep bathtub structure.

Featuring a double-walled design, the water keeps warm and insulated for much longer than other Acrylic Bathtubs.

With its deep-effective tub capacity that contains 65 gallons of water, overflow, and brushed nickel drain, comfortability is guaranteed.

It enjoys premium quality construction thanks to the 100% high gloss white Lucite acrylic material used. It is also reinforced with Ashland resin and fiberglass.

The ENDURACLEAN feature makes it scratch-resistant, stain-resistant, and easy to clean. Combined, these features help it maintains a glossy look.

It will comfortably immerse an adult, but children should not be in it alone, considering the depth.

This freestanding bathtub with hidden adjustable legs can be installed easily in just about any size of modern bathrooms.

Top Features

  • 67” long x 28 ¼” wide x 28 ¾” deep
  • 65 gallons of water capacity
  • Pre-leveled tub bottom
  • An integral three-sided tiling flange
  • Slip-resistant bottom
  • Brushed nickel drain
  • Stainless steel bracket
  • Anti-leak design pipe
  • Anti-odor

  • The use of Acrylic and reinforced fiberglass enhances its durability
  • Presence of a three-sided tilling flange to prevent water seepage
  • Use of a slip-resistant bottom to protect against falls and injuries
  • The user and instruction manual included within the package makes it easy to install
  • The benefit of a five-year limited warranty on bathtub surface and structure alongside a year limited warranty on the plumbing parts
  • It is certified by the US and Canada CSA & UPC, respectively

  • Limited to one person per bath
  • Children cannot be in it without supervision

As always, WoodbridgeBath makes use of top-quality products to produce a bathtub that can compete favorably with others in the list of best Acrylic bathtubs in the market.

You need not worry about water leaking into your bathroom floor since the hose and drainpipe are masterfully designed to keep water in.

2. MAYKKE Barnet 61″ Acrylic Bathtub

The MAYKKE Barnet 61” Acrylic Bathtub is a product with a unique design such that it stands out among the best value acrylic bathtubs.

The smooth interior and exterior walls, as well as high-quality acrylic, add real beauty to the allure of this freestanding bathtub.

Its unique look makes it a masterpiece and center of attraction, easily giving your bathroom a modern look.

The high-tech 8-layered material enables it to heat up fast, while the spray-on insulation retains heat simultaneously.

Having a flexible waste hose in the drainage promotes a fast discharge of water and makes it easy to clean.

Also, the bathtub can easily fit into narrow or small bath spaces.

Top Features

  • High-quality acrylic construction for durability
  • Weighs 82.67 pounds
  • Centre drain placement for easy drainage
  • Overflow hole to minimize overflow of water
  • 52.83-gallon water capacity for full body immersion
  • Leveling feet to achieve balance
  • Glossy finish

  • The adjustable leveling feet help the tub stay balanced on uneven floors
  • Presence of overflow hole to prevent water spillage and flooding
  • The flex tube drain helps reduces cost on plumbing services
  • It is easy to install because the assembly kit is in the package
  • US and Canada UPC/cUPC certified
  • Excellent quality for its price

  • Customers complain about overflow drain missing in some purchases
  • It is not ideal for people with a big body size
  • You have to purchase filler and faucet to complete the setup
  • It is not suitable for children due to the depth

The innovative design that MAYKKE Barnet 61″ Acrylic Bathtub combines with advanced technology will help you to stay calm and relaxed when having your bath.

3. AKDY 67″ Bathroom Smooth Glossy Acrylic Bathtub

AKDY 67 Bathroom Smooth Glossy Acrylic Bathtub

With its capacity to hold a large volume of water compared to others among the best acrylic bathtubs reviewed, it is little wonder that the AKDY 67″ Bathroom Smooth Glossy Acrylic White Color Freestanding Bathtub is in high demand.

Just like other acrylic bathtubs, it has the double-walled insulation technology to retain heat for a long while having a leisure bath.

The freestanding design and ergonomic shape make it fit into any space designated for it in your bathroom.

The pearly white finish gives the décor of your bathroom a contemporary look.

For people that enjoy spending quality time in the bathroom, you will have more than enough water to float in since it contains a whopping 79 gallons of water.

Top Features

  • Acrylic material for durability
  • 79 gallons of water capacity
  • Double-walled insulation technology
  • Scratch and chip resistance
  • Dirt-resistance
  • Adjustable feet
  • The sitting area of 36” wide x 20” L x 18.5” H
  • 13.5” depth of the overflow

  • It is ideal for families thanks to the 79 gallons of water capacity and large tub area
  • Sleek modern design and luxurious look
  • Double-walled technology to keep water hot for long
  • The curved shape of the contour will keep you reclining in comfort
  • Presence of adjustable feet to level up on an uneven surface
  • Use of an acrylic surface to keep the tub looking sparkling clean and shiny no matter the number of years of use
  • The installation instructions and flexible drainage pipe makes it easy to install
  • US and Canada cUPC certification
  • One-year limited parts warranty

  • Lack of faucet in the package
  • It looks bigger than other acrylic bathtubs in its range
  • Drainpipe leaks
  • Slow drainage

Since the67″ is a product from AKDY, renowned specialist in manufacturing bathroom appliances, you can rest assured that it comes with all the right features that make it qualify to be among the best acrylic bathtubs under review.

4. KOHLER K-1229-LA-0 Mariposa 5.5-Foot Bath

KOHLER K-1229-LA-0 Mariposa 5.5-Foot Bath

Kohler offers this simple yet elegant Acrylic bathtub with multiple installing options. It is also lightweight, making installation quite easy.

Having a 66” L x 36” W x 20” H sitting area and an integral flange that keeps water from getting behind the wall means more bathing space, especially for children who love to splash water around.

Because Kohler is thinking of the little folks when designing this alcove style bathtub, the surfaces end up being waterproof to prevent kids from slipping or falling on wet surfaces.

With Kohler continually improving on its products, the KOHLER K-1229-LA-0 Mariposa is available in eight variations to suit your needs or comfort level.

The smooth finishing of this acrylic bathtub does not make it susceptible to cracking and chipping, making it easy to clean after use.

Top features

  • Left side drain
  • 14” deep soaker tub
  • Acrylic construction that is flex-resistant and strong
  • 67-gallon capacity
  • Three-wall alcove installation
  • Anti-slip bottom surface
  • Lumbar support
  • Armrest

  • Superior design and construction
  • It is a family-friendly acrylic bathtub
  • The angle of the armrest and backrest makes you comfortable in full body immersion
  • The anti-slip bottom offers maximum protection to kids, adults, and the elderly ones
  • Presence of a removable apron for front pump access option
  • Extra width and length will allow you bath in comfort
  • It weighs about 79 lbs. making it a light acrylic bathtub
  • Available in white, sandbar and almond colors
  • Full 1-year warranty after installation
  • ANSI, IAPMO/UPC, CSA compliant

  • Installation requires a professional plumber

KOHLER K-1229-LA-0 Mariposa 5.5-Foot Bath is an excellent choice among the best acrylic bathtubs reviewed when you need to pamper yourself with a leisure soak.

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5. American Standard 2764014M202.011 Cadet Freestanding Tub

American Standard 2764014M202.011 Cadet Freestanding Tub

Following in the tradition of practicality and functionality seen in every American Standard product is the Cadet freestanding tub.

The sleek contemporary style makes in blend in with modern or classic bathroom décor.

It is a soaking tub with an extra deep well to provide that relaxing comfort you desire when having your bath.

You will enjoy an equivalent of a spa luxury experience since you can put in every part of your body for a leisurely soak.

Among the acrylic bathtub in this range are the Deep Soak Drain, Deep Soak bathtub Drain, and Deep Soak Max Drain with different soaking experience level.

Whichever you choose, they are easy to install in the tub, and you are guaranteed more ease of use than a regular bath drain can offer.

This product is durable, reliable, and lightweight at 120 lbs.

Top Features

  • High-gloss acrylic with fiberglass reinforcement
  • Extra deep bathing well
  • Pre-level tub bottom
  • Wide accessory storage deck
  • A sleek and contemporary look
  • Freestanding installation type

  • The contemporary and sleek design will give life to your bathroom decor
  • Full-body immersion thanks to the extra deep bathing well
  • The pre-level bottom ensures it is stable on tiles and uneven floor
  • Manufactured and assembled and in America
  • Lifetime product warranty
  • Great product at an affordable price
  • Tub filler with hand spray and drain are included in the package

  • The edges look rough, but you can fix it with a mild sanding
  • Installation requires a professional plumber

Reviewers of American Standard 2764014M202.011 Cadet Freestanding Tub in Artic White have attested to its capacity to hold two adults comfortably considering the depth and width.

American Standard also manufactures other bathroom products that will fit well with your budget.

6. KOHLER K-1150-LA-0 Bancroft 5-Foot Bath

KOHLER K-1150-LA-0 Bancroft 5-Foot Bath

The Bancroft Collection of the Kohler brand is a classic and elegant piece that you can comfortably relax in after a tiring or busy day.

Crested with a bold and assuring mark of quality in the form of the Kohler logo, the K-1150-LA is a 60” x 32” alcove bath with an integral apron, integrated flange, and a left-hand drain that will not drain your pocket.

It is beautifully designed to give you diverse bathing experiences in comfort and yet without compromising on quality.

The simplicity of its design adds to the overall beauty of your bathroom, no matter the look you want to achieve.

Top Features

  • Acrylic material
  • 60” L x 32” W x 20” H
  • Lumbar support
  • 50-60 gallons of water capacity
  • Integrated flange
  • Integral apron
  • Left-hand drain
  • Textured bottom surface
  • Three-wall alcove installation
  • Stain-resistant

  • Extra comfort from the molded lumbar support when bathing
  • Water does not seep behind the wall thanks to the integral flange
  • Textured bottom surface protects from slipping and falling
  • Adds to the aesthetic look of your bathroom when combined with products in the Bancroft collection
  • Available in white, almond and biscuit colors
  • Easy installation
  • 1-year limited warranty

  • Scratches with ease
  • Low-quality control

The KOHLER K-1150-LA-0 Bancroft 5-Foot Bath is rectangular and measures 14.75″ from the base of the tub to the bottom edge of the drain overflow, enabling you to immerse fully in water.

It is also available in two different variants.

What to Look Out for Before Buying Acrylic Bathtub

Material of Bathtub

A bathtub is a bathroom essential that should withstand daily use.

The best Acrylic tub should be made from materials that are sturdy, durable, lightweight, and easy to clean.

Your acrylic bathtub should be made of Acrylic and reinforced with fiberglass. Combined, both materials influence aesthetics.

Acrylic bathtubs are sturdy but lightweight because of the fiberglass component, unlike those made from heavy cast iron or stone resins that are heavy and can’t easily be moved around.

Furthermore, choosing an acrylic bathtub means you have reduced the stress that could lead to water absorption from cracks since it is non-porous.

Best of all, Acrylic bathtubs conserve heat for a longer time when compared to other materials.

Type of Bathtub

Before choosing among the most functional acrylic bathtubs, you also need to determine the model that suits your bathroom décor and the space available to play with.

The type of bathtubs available to you are:

Freestanding Bathtubs– They are not connected to the wall or attached to any surface, but they require space for movement.

They are expensive!

Alcove Bathtubs– They fit into a three-walled enclosure and have a length ranging from 53”-72”.

They are the most common, most affordable, and quite easy to install.

Drop-in Bathtubs– They get installed in an open area that juts into the room, making it look like a built-in peninsula or deck.

It needs more floor space and can be a bit expensive.

Corner Tubs– This type is ideal if you desire in-home spa treatment. It may take up space in the bathroom but is also very suitable for bathing in pairs.

It comes in a five-sided design with smooth finishing.


To ensure your acrylic bathtub last for long, you should choose a tub reinforced with fiberglass.

Fiberglass helps to make the tub rigid and more durable.

Having this reinforcement will increase the cost, but it is worth it in the long run if you buy a quality product that will last.

Easy to Install

Your level of experience with plumbing or doing things yourself will determine if you will need to get professional help with installing your acrylic bathtub.

The bathtub should have a step-by-step manual on how to install it alongside the components needed to fix them in the right places.

The pieces that are not included can easily be found in DIY shops, and that makes the installation process easy and quick.

You must consider the weight to know if you can lift it alone or need an extra pair of hands.

You should also consider if the bathroom floor is well reinforced to withstand the weight of the tub after you fill it with water.

Water Draining

While trying to choose among the best value acrylic bathtubs, you need to consider the draining system placement.

The position of the drainpipe should align with your waste pipe to make the draining process fast.

You can opt for a left-hand or right-hand bathtub depending on the configuration of the bathroom.

The overflow drain must also be well situated in the event that the water level rises above the opening.


Even though acrylic bathtubs are durable due to the reinforced fiberglass used in manufacturing, you do not want anything that will make you incur extra expenses on it.

This is why it’s crucial to check out the warranty that the manufacturer has offer and the terms and conditions attached to it.

The most limited warranty lasts for between 1-5 years on bathtub surface, structure, and for some, plumbing parts.

Nonetheless, some offer a lifetime warranty – which should be a deciding factor for you when choosing a brand.

Such a warranty will help protect you from unnecessary spending for damages that are not your fault in the long run.

Pro Installation Process of Acrylic Bathtub

With a few tips, you can install your acrylic bathtub without breaking the bank.

However, you should have the precise measurements of the space you want to place it in before shopping.

This brief guide will point you in the right direction.

  • You should ensure the waste pipe, plumbing pipes, and the floor are in good shape if it is a replacement work
  • Before placing the tub in the right place, use a bubble level to ensure that the floor is level
  • Fit the acrylic bathtub in a way that water can run from it and flow down the drain
  • Fix the support that bears the weight around the tap area in a way that it will be fractionally shorter than the ones at the other end
  • Fix the shower pump and any other accessories, ensuring that they are not clustered together
  • Fit in the siding securely and comfortably at the free side of the bathtub. Water must not be able to spill out beneath the tub if well-fitted
  • If there is a wall supporting the bathtub, you need to seal the joint between the wall and the bath
  • Fill the bath with water and apply anti-fungal sealant around the edge to keep water out
  • Apply the same process to the joints between the wall and siding
  • Leave the sealant to dry for 24 hours before using the tub

Tips to Clean and Maintain Acrylic Bathtub

It is easy to clean and maintain your acrylic bathtub if you treat the tub well and use the right products for cleaning.

There are natural products that you can use to keep the tub shiny always. These include baking soda, vinegar, and lemon.

For an acrylic tub that is very dirty or stained, fill the tub with hot water and pour in 2 cups of vinegar and leave for 15 minutes.

This action will loosen the dirt and make easy your job of a thorough cleaning.

You can also sprinkle the tub with baking soda while still wet and leave for a few minutes.

Use a soft cloth to scrub the tub gently to avoid scratches.

When you notice hard to reach spots, use a toothbrush or soft bristle long-handled scrub brush to clean out the stains.

To get a shiny, sparkling look free of stains, rinse the tub with water, and rub half of a lemon on areas where there are stains to get them off.

To get the best out of your acrylic bathtub, it is important to clean with mild soapy cleanser weekly to prevent grime build-up.

Do not use rough, abrasive sponges and scrubbing pads that can scratch the surface.

Ensure you rinse the drains thoroughly to keep dirt off completely using a tub clog remover or drain cleaner.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What is an acrylic bathtub?

A. This is a bathtub made from acrylic vacuum sheets and reinforced with fiberglass.

An Acrylic bathtub is durable, lightweight, non-porous, and has an attractive glass-like polish that makes it stand out, giving your bathroom décor a brilliant look.

It is easy to install on any floor level because it is lightweight, has low maintenance needs, and is damage resistant.

Q. How much does an acrylic bathtub weigh?

A. Since acrylic and fiberglass are manufactured from lightweight materials, an acrylic bathtub does not weigh much.

This makes it easy to move around for installation and repairs.

The size of the tub you opt for and the extra features attached to it will determine the final weight.

An Acrylic bathtub has a support structure that gives it the strength to withstand the quantity of water pumped into it and human body weight at the same time.

You could find some as light as 50 lbs or as much as 100 pounds. The difference lies in fragility. The lighter it is, the more fragile it will be.

Q. How do you position the tub onto the floor?

A. You must be mindful of where the plumbing pipes and waste pipes are located and ensure they are well placed in your bathroom before positioning your tub on the floor.

The right floor measurement will serve as a guide when you go shopping.

You mustn’t end up with a bathtub that may be bigger or smaller than the floor space in your bathroom.

It must be well balanced on the floor, and the floor should be able to support the weight of a tub filled with water. This is crucial, especially if you fit them in a level upstairs.

Q. Which size of the bathtub is better for me?

A. Knowing the right size of the bathtub for you will depend on the space in your bathroom, your body size, and height, as well as whether you love to recline when in the tub, etc.

There are different types with different sizes to suit the varied needs of individuals.

Whichever size you choose in the end, when bathing children, reducing the quantity of water in the tub is essential for safety reasons.

Q. Can I attach the heater unit in the tub?

A. You can attach the heater unit to your tub to get your water warm.

Among this list of best Acrylic Bathtubs reviews, all the tubs can get insulated to keep water warm for long as you step in for a leisurely soak.

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Having the right acrylic bathtub in your home is a step in the right direction when embarking on a bathroom renovation.

Seeing that these types of bathtubs are lightweight, affordable, durable, easy to install, maintain, and clean, there is no reason why you should not have it in your bathroom.

They have all the necessary fixtures required to keep you comfortable, no matter the amount of time you desire to spend in the tub.

Each brand that manufactures Acrylic bathtubs produces a decorative masterpiece that stands out at all times.

If you want to achieve a contemporary and modern look with your bathroom essentials to fit in with your toilet, any of the brand under review will serve you well.

You can place your order online, knowing that your dream bathtub is going to put you in a relaxed mood after a hard day’s job.

Its time to soak in luxury and comfort!


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