The Top 7 Brands of Toilets in USA Market

Looking for a new toilet can be a long and frustrating process. With literally hundreds of available toilet brands to choose from, how you decide which one produce the high-performance product?

Product reviews and buying guides may help, but they are more than putting words on paper and hope that they stick. Product reviews involve many hours of detailed work and research in the selection of the best toilets in a wide range of categories product we reviewed.

With decades of industry experience and knowledge, we feature here 7 top toilet brands which are the leaders in the plumbing industry you can trust.

7 Toilet Brands We Trust:

TOTO Toilets

TOTO Toilet

TOTO CST744SL#12 and the CST744SG#01 are both two-piece toilets with an elongated bowl, manufactured by the Drake Company. These toilets feature the quiet, powerful, and commercial grade G-Max flushing system. A wider than average 3-inch flush valve is 125 percent larger than the 2-inch conventional flush valves, eliminating clogs and back-ups.

Water consumption used in each flush is less than 1.6 gallons which lower monthly water bills. As a worldwide leader in plumbing and accessories, this company’s 90 years in business shows a clear indication of their knowledge of customer needs.

Their toilets continue to receive a high rating on Amazon. Priced to fit all individual budget restrictions, installation of this toilet will provide years of carefree, maintenance-free use.

American Standard

American Standard Toilet

American Standard’s 270AD001.22 (Cadet 3 Series, two-piece) and the 2034.014.020 (Champion 4 Series, one piece) toilets are manufactured by a company that recognizes the demands for high American standards, hence the name.

Both the Cadet 3 Series and the Champion 4 Series have elongated bowls. The Cadet 3 Series comes in a variety of styles including a one-piece and two-piece configuration with either elongated or round bowls to accommodate any installation.

Both toilet assemblies conserve water per flush with the Cadet 3 Series using 1.28 GPF, and the Champion 4 Series using 1.6 GPF. Both toilets are reasonably priced on Amazon to meet and exceed all expectations of those who seek quality performance.

These toilets are available in colors guaranteed to meet individual preferences and interior décor selections.


Kohler Toilet

The Kohler 3810-47 Santa Rose toilet is another product offered by a company with a superior reputation that continues to grow. This one-piece toilet integrates the tank and bowl into a seamless easy-to-clean stylish toilet that is symbolic of the Kohler company. With AquaPiston flush technology, water flows into the bowl from all sides with a more powerful and effective flush. Gone are the individual rim holes that always seem to clog and get rusty.

The Kohler toilets are available in a variety of colors, giving assurance that there is one color sure to complement your new or existing bathroom without spending additional funds for a complete redesign. With the one-piece design of this toilet, the transformation of an existing bathroom to the bathroom of your dreams has become a reality. Still using less than 1.28 gallons per flush, the water-conserving technology of this toilet will save approximately 16,500 gallons of water per year.


Saniflo Toilet

This one-piece tankless toilet with macerator from Saniflo takes toilets to the next level. With pumping capabilities up to 9 feet vertically and an amazing 100 feet horizontally, this low-profile toilet is a perfect fit for that lower level powder room that you have always wanted. Ideal for installations in smaller bathrooms, this compact toilet also works extremely well in lakeside vacation homes or even in remote artic cabins where the only power available is solar.

Self-contained and using only one gallon of water per flush, this futuristic toilet uses available space in lofts/attics, upper or ground floor, basement, and even garages. As a forced main toilet, no venting is required or connection to vent stacks, saving costly installation charges. Electric macerating pump automatically flushes the toilet, releasing only the pre-set amount of water to adequately clean the bowl.


Niagara Toilet

The Niagara 77001WHC01 is a pressure-assisted toilet with 100 percent ADA compliance. Rated as the only toilet in the market using 0.8 gallons of water per flush, this is the perfect toilet for those who are concerned about the depleting water levels worldwide. With an elongated bowl, this two-piece toilet is considered to be the best buy for the money when compared to all other leading manufacturer’s similar models and styles.

This toilet is the preferred choice of remodeling contractors and homeowners who seek a replacement toilet without spending beyond their renovation budgets. Quiet flushing that will not wake up the entire household in the middle of the night is among the many features of this incredibly water-saving toilet.


Woodbridge Toilet

The Woodbridge B0950S is a higher end toilet with an integrated bidet for feminine care. Featuring the latest in hygiene with posterior, feminine, pulsating wash with adjustable water pressure, this compact yet very efficient one-piece toilet needs to be experienced for full appreciation. With its hands-free flushing with water pressure and dryer, this toilet pretty much offers it all.

Available in a wider selection of colors to match any desired look, the contemporary styling and appearance of this toilet speak for itself. The wall-mounted control center for this toilet allows you to pre-set your individual preferences.

Beautifully designed and engineered for maximum carefree performance, this toilet is not for everyone, only those that wish to experience one of the best toilets in the world. You may pay more for this toilet, but you are also getting a lot more.

Delta Faucet

Delta Faucet Toilet

Featuring the exclusive, easy-to-install smart fit tank-to-bowl connection, this two-piece round bowl toilet from Delta is another quality product from a world leader. Poised at an overall comfortable chair height of 17 inches, including seat, this toilet is an ideal match for those who may require additional assistance while sitting and standing. It uses only 1.28 gallons of water per flush, as the company is dedicated to the preservation of natural resources.

Delta offers this toilet combination to those that seek high quality at an affordable price. With WaterSense technology, this toilet is easy to install and shipped with everything needed, no special tools required. Gravity-flow flushing quickly removes waste, leaving the toilet bowl clean. As a trusted name for centuries, at Delta, the quality goes in before the name goes on.


This list of 7 most popular toilet brands includes only the best in the industry and each of the brands produce best-selling toilet product. Each of they has invested decades in perfecting their products and has left a trail of happy customers behind for decades.

If you have ever tried one of these brands and would like to share your experience with the rest of the world, please share your experience in the comment section below.

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