How to Use a Wok on an Electric Stove?

Many users were not fans of electric stoves and other gadgets or electrical appliances in the kitchen. While these appliances make cooking more comfortable and help keep the kitchen functional, they lead to several domestic hazards when things go south. But, the world is advancing, and so many technological innovations are now available to help make the kitchen a functional unit.

In this informative piece, you will learn how to combine a wok and an electric stove for better results in the kitchen. Sit tight!

Combining a Wok and Electric Stove


Over the years, many people believe that a wok was an appliance incompatible with the electric stove. This stemmed from the regular usage of woks on gas stoves, which sits on the cooking top of the burners. Gone are the days of gas stoves, so where is the place of wok in the kitchen, but first, what is a wok?

A wok is like a frying pan used for different kinds of cooking techniques such as steaming, boiling, and even frying. A wok is from materials such as aluminum, carbon, cast iron, and sometimes, can from non-stick metals too. An example of a functional wok is the Lodge Pro-Logic Cast Iron Wok.

No matter the material used, a wok can come out as flat-bottomed or round-bottomed work. Woks usually come with two different types of handles; loop or stick handles. These are unique handles to help you cook without burning out your fingers.

The wok has its advantages over your regular frying pan because of its ability to keep high heat. One good wok that has a high heat-retaining ability is the Craft Wok Traditional Hand Hammered Carbon Steel Wok.

This ability also extends to the wok being able to maximize and distribute heat ends of the cooking wok for proper cooking. Also, if you are frying, the wok requires a lesser amount of oil, unlike the conventional frying pan.

This means that a wok definitely belongs to the kitchen. We still need to ask specific basic questions; is it possible to combine an electric stove with a wok? If the answer is in the affirmative, what type of wok is preferable on the electric stove? Are their techniques that could serve best while using a wok on an electric stove?

You will find the answers to these questions and many more in this article.

How to Combine a Wok and Electric Stove


Yes, it possible to combine an electric stove with a wok! This is, but complicated on its own because it depends on the kind of electric stove you’re using. It would be simple to use a wok with flat-bottom on an electric coil stove, but it would be difficult to use a wok with round-bottom.

This is because the wok with flat-bottom is steady on the surface of the hot coils and gets proper contact with the heat. Not to worry though, you don’t need to discard a wok with round-bottom and go looking for a flat-bottomed wok.

If you have a wok with a round-bottom, you can buy a wok with a ring to make it compatible with your electric stove. Simple, isn’t it?! But, if you have an electric stove with glass or ceramic top, the round-bottomed wok with a wok ring is preferable. There will be a fraction of a gap between the cooktop and the wok bottom, which will help prevent scratches on the cooktop.

If you purchased a new wok, it is best to first season your wok before using it. Seasoning your wok is the process of getting rid of coatings and preventing your wok from rusting fast. To season your wok, first, scrub it with a steel scrubber and liquid soap to remove the chemical smell coating from the manufacturing process, then put the cooking wok on the stove.

Once the wok heats up enough (you will notice these signs when dark spots show at the wok’s bottom), bring it down to cool. After that, add the heated oil, preheat the wok again at medium heat and pour the oil on the wok.

At this stage, you can now add ginger and turn the mixture for about 10-20 minutes while on fire to remove the odor, after which you bring it down to cool. Get rid of the ginger and clean the wok with a sponge. The wok is ready for cooking!

Now, the most important part, how do I use my wok on an electric stove?

It’s straightforward. Follow the following steps:

Step 1:

Lit your electric stove and set the wok above it. If it is a round-bottomed wok, you know what to do (check paragraph 8 of this article). In the beginning, you need to set the heat at a low temperature and then increase in. This is because, if you start with high heat, the wok may become a warp. Also, make sure that the wok sits at least ½ to 1 inch from the electric coil or glass-ceramic.

Step 2:

Preheat your wok on the electric stove for about 10 minutes before adding any food or oil to it. The only way to know that the wok is ready to receive the condiments is when it starts giving off smoke. Remember, the wok needs to distribute heat to all its parts to ensure your meal cooks.

Step 3:

Add oil to the wok and whirl it so the oil can make a coat inside the wok. Immediately you notice that the oil is hot, you can add your food (or condiments) and stir fry the content to taste.

Step 4: 

Once your food is ready, you can bring it down to cool. Serve hot and then wash and dry the wok for the next cooking session.

Bottom Line

As easy and straightforward as a wok may sound, using a wok on an electric stove may not be cheap. Your electric stove needs to generate a lot of heat to cook your food using a wok.

Also, make sure you dry the wok after each use to avoid rust. Washing is easy as soap and water are all you need to clean it.

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