The 7 Best Roaster Oven: Complete Buying Guide of 2020

The beauty of a thanksgiving meal lies in the variety of tasty dishes laid out on the dinner table within hours.

How do you ensure you don’t keep your guests waiting while you work your culinary magic in the kitchen?

Your solution is the roaster oven, which you can use to bake, cook, and roast any of the dishes on your meal plan, while your conventional oven is also doing its part.

Which is the best of such appliances available to help you make tasty, delicious meals in a few minutes?

Having undertaken intensive market research on the models that most users are using, we have identified for you the 7 best roaster oven of the moment to simplify your shopping process.

Leading the frontline is the Oster Roaster Oven with Self-Basting Lid with unique features that enable it to produce moist, juicy, and delicious meals for you.

Are there other brands that share features that can offer similar functions?

Let’s plunge into this article to find out!

Best Roaster Oven

Product NamePriceCapacityWatts
Oster Roaster Oven with Self-Basting LidCheck Price22 Qt1450
NESCO 4818-12, Classic Roaster OvenCheck Price18 Qt1,425
Oster Smoker Roaster OvenCheck Price16 Qt1450
Rival Roaster Oven, 18-QuartCheck Price18 Qt1450
Sunvivi Electric Roaster OvenCheck Price18 Qt1450
Hamilton Beach 28 lb Roaster OvenCheck Price22 Qt1450
Proctor Silex 32191 Roaster OvenCheck Price18 Qt1440

1. Oster Roaster Oven with Self-Basting Lid

Oster Roaster Oven with Self-Basting Lid

Oster Roaster Oven is an easy-to-use and versatile appliance for making delicious home meals by baking, roasting, or slow cooking.

Thanks to the self-basting lid, your food will come out delicious and moist since the machine uses steam to cook. This method shortens cooking time considerably, lock in juices, and also frees you from hand basting.

The 22-quart roaster oven can hold a turkey of 11 lbs. This creates extra space in your regular oven so you can make your meals efficiently.

Also, the stainless-steel look gives your kitchen a stylish aesthetic. Also, the removable enamel-on-steel roasting pan promotes quick and even distribution of heat.

  • Use of adjustable temperature dial for cooking a variety of dishes
  • The presence of ‘Keep Warm’ setting keeps food warm until needed
  • Elimination of hand basting ensures you use 36% less energy and 30% less time when cooking
  • Removable enamel-on-steel roasting pan and rack are easy to clean after use
  • Meal preparation for entertainment and dinner is easy given its large capacity
  • Allows you to enjoy tender, moist, and delicious flavored meals always
  • Excellent quality for its price

  • Sharp edges on the liner which might lead to cuts if you are not careful
  • It gets very hot when in use
  • Inner pan is not dishwasher safe

The Oster Roaster Oven with Self-Basting Lid gives you the best oven-roasted chicken, nicely preserving the moisture even after cooking.

You can’t afford to miss out on the fast, easy, and delicious meats this appliance makes to tickle your palate.

2. NESCO 4818-12, Classic Roaster Oven

NESCO 4818-12, Classic Roaster Oven

The circle of heat technology in NESCO Roaster for moist, even cooking makes this appliance awesome. Cooking occurs from the sides and not the bottom, and this makes it irresistible to anyone who has eaten a meal prepared in it.

It is a versatile kitchen appliance that is great for cooking diverse dishes using different cooking modes and temperatures such as lasagna, vegetables, roasts, chicken, and your stews.

With automatic temperature control, you can bake, roast, steam, and brown foods using temperature settings between 2000F-4500F.

This energy-efficient cooking appliance has an indicator light that turns off when your food cooks to the desired temperature.

  • Use of an extra-high dome, self-basting lid to maintain all-round moisture
  • Allows for easy one-dish cooking since you can put vegetables and meat into it at once
  • 18-quart capacity and dome-lid makes it easy to accommodate large cooking items
  • It is perfect for large family dinners
  • Use of removable steel rack with lift-out handles for easy and safe insertion and removal of food that is hot
  • Certified by Energy Star
  • Enjoy a one-year limited warranty

  • It is not as sturdy as it should be for an electric cooking appliance
  • Poor quality control and handling during shipping

NESCO 4818-12, Classic Roaster Oven comes with an optional buffet serving kit converted into a portable buffet table to serve three meals at once.

Having a removable cook-well makes this one perfect with non-porous surfaces and scratch-resistance that is easy to clean, handle, and store.

3. Oster Smoker Roaster Oven

The Oster smoker roaster oven is an ideal cooking appliance that serves as a steamer, roaster, slow cooker, and smoker to give your meals authentic wood-smoked flavor.

Whether you are cooking indoors or outdoors, it is a valuable addition to your kitchen since it is compact and requires minimal space.

The 16-quart capacity will comfortably accommodate 22 lbs. The worth of turkey can feed a large family at mealtimes.

  • Use of adjustable temperature control starting from 1500F-4500F
  • Presence of removable pockets to hold wood chips for outdoor smoking
  • It is an excellent method for smoking meat and cooking the best-roasted potatoes in the oven
  • The compact and portable size makes it handy to use when going to the beach or having a camping trip
  • The removable enamel-coated roasting pan promotes even heating for your meals
  • The ability to steam-roast your meals to lock-in the flavor while maintaining moistness
  • Use of cool-touch handles for safe and secure serving

  • Short cord length, but an outdoor extension box can remedy the situation
  • Quality control issues

Oster Smoker Roaster Oven allows you to prepare great wood-smoked flavored ribs, ham, turkey, etc. with less effort yet in a convenient manner.

Take time out to use wood chips steam, low temperatures, and long cook time to get the juicy, moist, and tender texture for your next meal with this masterpiece of an appliance.

4. Rival Roaster Oven, 18-Quart

Rival Roaster Oven, 18-Quart

With Rival Roaster Oven, you are set for a thrilling cooking experience, whether as a beginner or professional chef.

This versatile best roaster oven with adjustable temperatures of 1500F- 4500F enables you to cook delicious meals that are tender, juicy, and flavorful.

You can bake, cook, roast, simmer, and slow cook turkey, gravy, and roasts without stress while you are busy with other condiments preparation.

  • The even heat distribution gives a moist and tender texture to your meat, chicken, turkey, etc
  • The 18-quart capacity is suitable for entertaining at special events, large gatherings, or dinner because it will roast 22 lbs. worth of turkey at a time
  • It is time-saving during mealtime and easy to clean after cooking since the rack and pan are removable, especially when you have guests
  • Presence of warm setting to keep your food at the right serving temperature until you want to eat it
  • The removable steel roasting rack holds the meat off the pan bottom to allow juices to drip down
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Available in 18-QT and 22-QT

  • Short cord length, so get an extension box for safety purposes
  • It takes up a lot of space in the kitchen
  • Lack of on/off indicator light
  • The exterior of the unit gets hot

Rival Roaster Oven holds in heat that cooks meals thoroughly thanks to the lid rest that ensures you expend 77% less energy than regular ovens.

This is undoubtedly the most suitable oven for roasted chicken appliances for the perfect browned, juicy, delicious taste, and smell.

5. Sunvivi Electric Roaster Oven with Self-Basting Lid

Sunvivi Electric Roaster Oven with Self-Basting Lid

Are you planning to bring family and friends together for a social gathering?

This is the perfect opportunity to use your Sunvivi electric roaster oven for baking, cook, boil, or different roast dishes without any hassle.

The 18QT or 22QT can accommodate a large-size turkey that everyone can enjoy with relish while other side dishes get prepared at the same time.

Moreover, this versatile kitchen appliance can serve as a home roaster allowing you to roast your coffee, cashew, peanuts, etc. within 20 minutes.

  • Easily adjust the cooking temperature control by rotating the button to the effect and taste you want
  • Presence of ‘Keep Warm’ settings to preserve meals at the right serving temperature until mealtime
  • Use of a cold-touch handle on the lid to keep you safe from burns
  • The self-basting secure-fit cover re-circulates moisture continuously, making your food more delicious since it will end up well-cooked
  • Use of a steam hole design to make your meals always tasty and flavorful
  • Removable insert pot makes for easy cleaning
  • Prompt customer service
  • 1-year warranty

  • Users complained of the pan rusting after few uses
  • It has a foul electric smell

The Sunvivi Electric Roaster Oven with Self-Basting Lid is easy to set up and use. It is simple yet elegant and makes cooking time enjoyable and worth looking forward to.

6. Hamilton Beach 28 lb 22-Quart Roaster Oven

Hamilton Beach 28 lb 22-Quart Roaster Oven

If you want to make large meals, the Hamilton Beach stainless steel roaster oven with its 22QT capacity will help you cook, roast, bake, and serve your dishes effortlessly.

The adjustable temperature control falling between 1500F and 4500F helps you keep your biscuit, rolls, pancakes, and side dishes warm until your guests arrive.

With this versatile oven, you can bake cakes, bread, and desserts like a conventional oven. You can also roast perfectly juicy-tender chicken, turkey, ham, beef, and as well cook soups and stews in the enamel-on-steel pan.

The dome height of the lid keeps the heat intact during the cooking process.

  • 22QT capacity accommodates 28 lbs. turkey that you can serve at a large gathering
  • The use of a lift-out rack makes it easy to remove large items from the oven
  • The attractive design of the oven lift-out rack makes it ideal for taking to the buffet table and serve directly on the plate
  • Removable pan with an enamel-on-steel interior is easy to clean-up after cooking by using hot soapy water
  • Limited 1-year warranty

  • Lack of indicator light
  • Possible chipping off the enamel coating
  • Poor quality control

The in-depth research and consumer insights put into consideration when making the Hamilton Beach 28 lbs. 22-Quart makes it one of the best ovens in the market, considering the output of the meals prepared in it.

7. Proctor Silex 32191 Roaster Oven

Proctor Silex 32191 Roaster Oven

The Proctor Silex is a non-conventional oven that helps you achieve your baking, roasting, and cooking goals fantastically.

This appliance will save you valuable time waiting to cook each meal one after the other. Its 18QT capacity enables you to roast a 14-18 lbs—unstuffed turkey within 2 ½ hours.

The domed lid can serve as extra space for larger food items, while the lift-out racks ensure you can lift them out with ease.

Whether you want to cook stews, steam your veggies, keep your food warm, or bake a cake, bread, or pies, Proctor-Silex 32191 Roaster Oven has you covered.

  • Convenient kitchen appliance whenever you want to have guests over, thanks to its attractive stainless-steel designs which fit in with other items on your buffet table
  • Great for keeping your biscuits and rolls warm before serving during meals
  • Allows you to cook your soups, stews, and side dishes conveniently on the countertop
  • Ideal for easy and fast roasting of your turkey or beef when you have limited time for cooking
  • Removable pan with enamel-on-steel interior promotes easy cleaning with washing liquid and water
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • The lift-out rack can also hold baking pans when you want to bake

  • Lack of indicator light
  • Lack of thermostat
  • The exterior does not have enough insulation to prevent it from getting hot when in use

Proctor Silex 32191 Oven has the depth and capacity to allow you to cook the quantity of food you desire and, as such, save you valuable time in the kitchen.

Factors to Consider While Shopping Roaster Oven

Factors to Consider While Shopping Roaster Oven

Before setting out to purchase a roaster oven online or in a physical shop, there are some features you need to consider critically before you make a payment, so you get value for money spent.


To get the best out of roaster ovens, you should buy one made with quality cooking materials that will enhance its durability and performance. These types are usually made from stainless-steel or enamel steel.

The better choice will be enamel steel because it offers optimal heat distribution and retention properties for consistent roasting. Enamel-steeled roaster ovens are easy to clean and are dishwasher-safe also.

Size & Capacity

Size & Capacity

This factor will depend on the quantity of food you cook and the number of people you cook for at a time.

There are different quart models in the market ranging from 16QT to 22QT capacity, which works well for turkey size of 18 lbs. – 22 lbs. It can fit-in side dishes conveniently for a small, medium, or large gathering.

Having this knowledge will ensure you buy the right size for your home, thus, saving cost and time.

Heat Range

With the versatility of roaster ovens capable of preparing as many kinds of dishes as you desire, you should buy a model that has a wide range of temperatures to meet your taste.

Most roaster ovens range between a minimum of 1500F and a maximum of 4500F, which is ideal for different varieties of meat and turkey.

Every meal has its perfect temperature setting to ensure it is adequately cooked, baked, roasted, etc. without getting burnt, as such, the wider the temperature range, the more function the model will be able to perform in your kitchen.


Controls are either manual, thermal, or automatic with easy-to-use dial controls to power on/off the oven and select the desired temperature depending on whether you want to cook, bake, or roast.

Moreover, some models have an indicator light, which makes it easy to know when it is on and has reached the desired temperature at a glance.


As with every kitchen appliance, safety is an essential factor to consider. Roaster ovens are not exempted since they use intense heat for cooking food within a short time.

In effect, they should have inbuilt safety features to prevent steam or fire accidents from happening, especially considering the electrical wiring in place.

Shop for a roaster oven with cold-touch or heatproof lids and handles to protect your hands from getting burnt while cooking.

Ease of Maintenance

To prevent your roaster oven from having a rotten smell from leftovers or grease that was not appropriately cleaned, it is advisable to buy those with removable pan and rack that promotes easy cleaning.

All you need do after each cooking is to bring out the detachable parts and soak in hot soapy water to get the juices out depending on what you cook.

In other words, the longer they stay in, the harder they might get to come off it or use powerful kitchen degreasers to clean stubborn leftovers.

Simply use a damp clean cloth to wipe clean the main body to prevent oil build-up.


The lid of a roaster oven is very vital, given that it helps retain moisture and heat required for proper cooking.

Most models have a dome-shaped lid, which is high enough for more substantial meat cuts and full turkeys.

Predominantly, they are self-basting lids that promote the circulation of moisture throughout the oven, thus eliminating the use of manual basters.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What meals can you use the roaster oven to make?

A. Although roaster ovens are mostly used for roasting turkey, they can also prepare a variety of dishes from your recipe books.

Your chicken, ham, ribs, briskets, etc. will turn out moist, juicy, and tender if prepared in the best-roasted oven. You can also use such to make side dishes like baked potatoes, seasoned rice, steamed veggies.

Also, you can use them to make cakes, bread, pudding, cheesecake, etc.

Q. How expensive is a roaster oven?

A. Considering the versatile function of the roaster oven, it is indeed value for money spent.

It will save you the stress, money, and time wasted buying different standalone appliances that will choke up your kitchen space.

Also, you will save yourself a lot of expenses investing in a quality roaster oven. Most models from different brands cost between $40-$150. However, your ultimate choice and amount spent will depend on the size and the features embedded in it to make cooking time pleasurable and fun.

Q. Can you use a roaster oven for cooking corn on the cob?

A. Definitely yes! All you need to do is place ears of corn inside the removable pan and pour water in until it reaches ½ level.

Set the temperature to 4500F and let it steam for 10-15 minutes. You have your delicious corn on the cob ready for munching alone or with some side dishes.

Q. What is the difference between self-basting and high-dome lid?

A. Whereas self-basting lids eliminate the need for manual basting through re-circulating moisture, high-dome covers increase the capacity by allowing you to put in more substantial meat or meal size in a limited space.

Q. What differentiates a smoker roaster oven from a regular roaster oven?

A. Well, they both perform the same functions; nonetheless, the smoker roaster can serve as an outdoor roaster with the use of wood chips to give your meals a wood-smoked flavor and taste.

Q. How do you cure your roaster oven before use?

A. Before preparing your first meal in a roaster oven, you need to do some curing as outlined below:

  • Remove the roaster oven for the pack (remove the labels also)
  • Wash the cover, rack, and cook-well or heat-well
  • Put the heat-well in a well-ventilated area and set the knob to the lowest setting
  • Turn temperature knob to highest setting after plugging the cord to a 120-volt AC outlet
  • Leave to cure for 60 minutes or until all smoke odor disappears
  • Turn the temperature off and leave to cool off
  • Put every part back in, and you are set to begin cooking different delicacies


A roaster oven is a must-have in every kitchen given its multi-tasking and time-saving benefits.

It is a countertop device that allows you to experiment with different recipes, yet you get excellent results despite being your first time trying it out.

Having delved deeply into the fantastic features of Oster, NESCO, Rival, Sunvivi, Hamilton Beach, and Proctor Silex, you can make your choice on the one that will serve your needs based on quality, durability, and price.

Your cooking experience will receive a new breath of life if you choose from the 7 best roaster oven of the moment.

Go shopping! Get cooking and relish the taste, flavor, and aroma you can ever imagine.

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