The 7 Best Flat Top Grills of 2020

Grilled food is one of the top most choices amongst many food lovers. Most food enthusiasts prefer to make their favorite food on a griddle, be it an egg, a pancake, bacon, or steak.

However, not every grill or griddle can deliver the result a flat top grill can offer you. And this is where a portable, versatile, and top-performing flat top grill comes in.

A wide variety of grilling products are available in the market, each capable of catering to your grilled cravings.

Some are distinguished from others due to the sheer convenience of use, size, affordability, durability, and quality of the material.

Buying a flat grill requires some research and consideration of a few important factors. To save you from the hassle of scouring the market to find the best grill, here is a list of the seven best flat top grills that you can choose from.

Best Flat Top Grills

Product NamePriceCooking AreaBTUs
Blackstone 1554 Gas GrillCheck Price720 sq.60,000
Cuisinart CGG-888 Grill Outdoor Flat Top GasCheck Price285 sq.20,000
Blackstone Outdoor Flat Top Gas GrillCheck Price470 sq.30,000
Royal Gourmet PD1300 Portable Gas GrillCheck Price325 sq.27,000
Camp Chef Flat Top GrillCheck Price604 sq.12,000
Blue Rhino GGC1643B Razor GriddleCheck Price730 sq.62,000
George Foreman 12-Serving IndoorCheck Price200 sq.20,000

Any grill can cook your food to fulfill your grilled cravings, but it takes the best commercial flat top grill to turn your food into a culinary masterpiece.

To decide which flat grill can be enthroned as the top grill of 2020, factors like product features, practicality, durability, customer reviews, and performance of the grill should be taken into consideration.

Let’s find out which grill can live up to your expectations.

1. Blackstone 1554 Outdoor Flat Top Gas Grill Griddle Station

Blackstone 1554 Outdoor Flat Top Gas Grill Griddle Station

Love grilling your food but hate the complex cleaning process? With Blackstone Flat Top Gas Grill griddle, you can enjoy grilling without worrying about cleaning after cooking.

This sturdy outdoor grilling unit is made of stainless steel, offering a large 720 sq inches cooking surface with a 36-inch griddle to make large batches of grilled food for your family or guests.

The choices of food you can grill on this sturdy unit are endless. With 4 solid stainless steel burners, you can prepare a wide variety of food on this grill in one go before a trip to the beach or a camping expedition.

The griddle is fairly easy to start, offering a push-button ignition to keep you from the hassle of kerosene, charcoal, and matches.

The grill comes fitted with a sturdy cooktop and caster wheels, providing ease of movement and portability.

  • 4 burners with customized heat levels
  • Easy assemble
  • Caster wheels for mobility
  • Cooks large batches of food at one time
  • Heats up quickly and ensures even heat distribution
  • Push-button ignition for a quick and hassle-free start

  • Doesn’t come with a lid cover for protection against the wind or dust
  • Grease tends to drip down the sides despite a built-in drip channel

While this grilling unit is ideal for feeding a horde of guests or large families, if you intend to use it outdoors, it might not work as effectively as its performance indoors.

The lack of lid cover may make it difficult for you to keep the grill temperature uniform during strong winds or winter picnics.

2. Cuisinart CGG-888 Grill Outdoor Flat Top Gas

It’s time to turn all your food cravings into well-grilled, delicious reality thanks to this round-shaped outdoor flat top grill by Cuisinart.

While this grill top does not offer a large cooking area with four burners like the Blackstone flat top gas grill, it packs a host of other outstanding features that distinguish it from other grills.

First, the cold-rolled steel surface of the grill offers a durable material and maximum control over the cooking area.

The temperature ranges from 220 to 550°, giving you a variety of heating zones for different types of foods.

Secondly, the overhead lid distinguishes it from Blackstone’s grill because it gives you the option to prepare smoked items or roast a hot dog or meat.

And when it comes to cleaning, this nifty grill comes with an oversized 360-degree grease pan that collects all the grease into the cup and makes cleaning considerably easy for you.

Lastly, a folding table on the side gives you ample preparation space to keep everything you need to cook within your arm’s length. A paper towel holder underneath is nothing more than cherry on top.

  • Two 15,000 BTU independent propane burners
  • Folding preparation table on the side
  • Cold-rolled steel griddle top
  • Sturdy body with caster wheels for easy mobility
  • Grease funnel for easy cleaning
  • Easy assembly

  • Grease pan’s size is not big enough to catch a large number of drippings

This product by Cuisinart pretty much checks all the must-have features of an ideal flat top grill. With a strong burner, durable design, easy cleaning, and sturdy construction, it takes the hassle out of grilling and makes it comfortable and enjoyable.

However, with a compact griddle top and two burners only, this grill might not be the best choice for frequent batch cooking projects. Two burners griddle not enough? Check out top 3 burner gas grills here.

3. Blackstone 28 inch Outdoor Flat Top Gas Grill Griddle Station

Blackstone 28 inch Outdoor Flat Top Gas Grill Griddle Station

Another great grilling wonder by Blackstone with slight variations in the features while offering the same restaurant-quality cooking for your outdoor or indoor cooking expeditions.

Unlike Blackstone 36 inch griddle top, this one offers a 470 sq inches flat top grilling space, which is still larger than the one offered by the Cuisinart grill top.

You have a cooking area large enough to cook sausages, pancakes, eggs, steaks while grilling potatoes and cheese all at the same time.

A bottom shelf and two side shelves give you ample preparation space and food storage, so you can just wheel the grill station into your garden with everything stored in it and start grilling.

The two independently controlled 15,000 BTU stainless steel burners offer low to high heat for a wide range of cooking options.

A simple push-button ignition starts the grill in the blink of an eye, and the griddle heats up quickly.

  • Two stainless steel burners with customized heat levels
  • Easy assembly
  • Caster wheels for mobility
  • Heats up quickly and ensures even heat distribution
  • Push-button ignition for a quick and hassle-free start

  • Lacks a drain funnel tip that pushes the grease in the drain pan

If you prepare smaller size foods and prefer a superior quality build in your griddle choice, the Blackstone 28inch grill is well-equipped to facilitate you in your cooking endeavors.

4. Royal Gourmet PD1300 Portable Gas Grill Griddle

Royal Gourmet PD1300 Portable Gas Grill Griddle

Portability meets superior functionality and yields the Royal Gourmet gas grill griddle.

This gill master comes with a sporty design, fitted with a triple burner stove to make batch cooking a breeze.

The porcelain enamel coated griddle top makes it easy to clean and extends its life to several years.

The piezo ignition system makes it super easy to start the griddle, saving you the hassle of starting a grill manually.

You can make large quantities of food in one go, thanks to a 325.9 sq in cooking surface and 3 stainless steel burners.

So if you want to make breakfast for a large family, as much as 15 pancakes can be made at a time on this griddle top.

What’s more? There’s a grease cup fitted on the side that collects all the oil dripping, keeping the cooking experience free of oil mess and making it easy for you to perform the post-cooking cleanup.

  • Burners are separately controlled
  • Each burner features 9000 BTU cooking power
  • Side grease cup picks up all the oil drip
  • Porcelain enamel surface makes it non-stick and easy to clean
  • Powered by liquid propane
  • Compact and portable

  • No special feature for even heat distribution

If you enjoy outdoor cooking and frequently plan boating trips, camping, and picnics, you might find this griddle suitable for your cooking plans.

Since the main attention of this grill is its portability and compact size, you can practically take it anywhere you are going.

All you need to do is put it down, attach a propane tank, and voila! You are ready to cook.

5. Camp Chef Flat Top Grill

Camp Chef Flat Top Grill

Good food brings people together, and a good griddle makes it an everlasting memory by preparing foods that taste better than ever.

Camp Chef grill offers a truly immersive cooking experience with its portable construction and the large cooking surface.

Starting with the design, this simplistic flat top griddle comes with a cooking surface of about 600 sq inches, giving you ample space to cook large batches of pancakes, burgers, or steaks.

The grill features four 12,000 BTU burners with a matchless ignition system that gives you absolute control over the heat. The burners disperse the heat evenly across the cooking surface, ensuring uniform cooking of your food.

Two folding shelves on the sides give you ample preparation space, while two storage shelves underneath offer you adequate space to store your crockery and serving trays.

You can hang the propane tank on the side, put everything in the trolley, and wheel it to your backyard or the patio to kickstart your outdoor cooking plan without any hassle.

  • Griddles are interchangeable
  • Grease management system works perfectly
  • The surface is easy to clean
  • Large cooking surface for batch cooking
  • Four independent heat controls

  • Assembly requires times and effort
  • A bit bulky and heavy to move around

If you are not bothered by big and bulky cooking units, this flat top griddle might add significant value to your cooking gear.

It’s large enough to cater to your entire family’s cravings while the storage and organization on this grill are easily manageable.

Suffice it to say that this cooking unit by Camp Chef was built to meet all the requirements of outdoor cooking to give you a truly immersive experience.

6. Blue Rhino GGC1643B Razor Griddle

Blue Rhino GGC1643B Razor Griddle

If you are looking for a large cooking surface, the Razor Griddle by Blue Rhino gives you just enough cooking space to make large batches of food in one go.

True to its name, this gas-fired cooking unit comes with a spacious griddle offering 730 sq. Inches of cooking surface large enough to make 57 burgers at the same time.

While the overall design appears quite bulky and heavy, the unit comes with a number of features that address the issues that were reported in the griddles reviewed above.

Unlike the Blackstone and Cuisinart griddle, this one comes with a broad channel grease management system that allows the grease to flow into a large dripping pan.

When it comes to the burners, you get four of them, with each producing 15,500 BTUs of heat, bringing the total heat to a whopping 62,000 BTUs.

Now, the bulkiness of the unit might be a tad bit off-putting, but the entire thing folds up nicely in a case and can be carried with very little effort.

However, the weight of the unit can’t still be discounted by its portability. With 117 pounds to carry along, you might need another pair of hands to carry it in and out of your vehicle.

  • Four powerful burners with a heat production of 15,500 BTUs
  • Side tables for spacious preparation space
  • Large grease management system with a big dripping pan
  • Durable construction and a thoughtful design
  • Industry-grade cooking unit

  • Side tables catch the heat if the burners are turned on their highest setting
  • Casters aren’t suitable for uneven ground

While this grill is an ideal cooking gear for camping, lakeside picnic and boating plans, if you are camping at a site with uneven ground, wheeling or parking the grill might pose an issue.

With two small wheels and two small casters, dragging it on an uneven path might damage the wheels.

7. George Foreman 12-Serving Indoor

George Foreman 12-Serving Indoor

It’s small, it’s portable, it’s remarkable! George Foreman combined superior quality, highly appealing and futuristic design, and absolute portable, and fused it all into this unique outdoor grill.

What’s not to like about this electric grill? Use it indoors or take it outdoors, this electric grill offers a high-quality cooking experience without the hassle of lighting up coals or buying propane tanks every time the fuel runs out.

The total cooking area offered by this nifty grill is 200 sq. Inches that give you ample space to make around 12 serving meals for a large family or group of people.

Place it on the countertop or put it on a stand and take it out on the patio, this versatile grill opens a world of possibilities for you.

The temperature control is fairly simple. The temperature probe lets you choose from 5 different heat settings that suit the food you are making.

  • Stunning design and color
  • Removable stand for outdoor use
  • Electric powered for indoor use
  • Ceramic grill plates for a seamless cooking experience
  • Temperature adjustment and indicator light
  • Patented slop design for grease management

  • Grill plates are removable for cleaning

While this rectangular grill is truly a treat for outdoor cooking enthusiasts, the ceramic grill plates are not removable, despite being dishwasher safe.

So if you are particular about cleaning your cooking gears by removing every part of it, you might feel uneasy with this design.

Otherwise, the George Foreman grill is the best amongst all the portable grills out there in the market.

What to Consider Before Buying Flat Top Grills

What to Consider Before Buying Flat Top Grills

Buying a flat top grill is not just an investment for you, but also something that you are likely to use for many years to come. Outdoor cooking is different from indoor cooking and investing in an appropriate cooking unit requires careful consideration of a lot of factors such as:


Most grills are built with stainless steel or cast iron. This construction type makes the griddles non-sticky, easy to clean, and durable. Another thing that needs to be kept in mind is the thickness of the plate.

A thick plate is vital for even heating, whereas a thin plate is susceptible to warping or may heat up too much for your preference.

Cooking Surface

Cooking Surface

If you are cooking for a large family or frequently make large quantities of food for your guests, you might want to invest in a grill with a large cooking surface.

With a large cooking surface area, you have the option to cook or grill several different types of foods at the same time. This not only saves your energies, but it also helps you prepare a wide menu without having to spend hours in your kitchen.

However, a bigger surface means higher fuel consumption and a large surface to clean as well. Not to mention the space such a griddle occupies.

Hence, if space is not an issue and you don’t mind cleaning large cooking surfaces, then any grill from Blackstone or BlueRhino grill will serve you the best.

On the other hand, if you prefer compact and small-sized grills, then George Foreman Electric Grill can be the right choice for you.


Size is as important a factor as the cooking surface and is directly linked to it as well. The larger the cooking area, the bigger the size of the grill.

A 700 sq inch griddle takes a lot of space and comes fitted in a large-sized grill. Choose according to your spacing preference and the amount of food you intend to make on your grill.

Amount of Heat

Best Gas Grills Under $1000 FAQ

All the best flat top grills are available with a large variety of burners, each able to generate a higher BTU. The higher the BTU of a burner, the more the burner delivers heat. If you go for a grill with one or two burners, it’s likely that you don’t get more than one heat zone.

Having different heat zones in your grill facilitates you in cooking different types of food at a time. Any unit with more than two burners and heat zone is ideal for batch cooking.


While versatility is not one of the most important features to look for in a grill, it comes as an added advantage if a grill offers it on top of other main features.

A traditional grill only offers you a griddle and a dripping tray, but modern grills are coming up with side tables, foldable legs, and caster wheels in addition to their traditional features.

Easy to Clean

It’s another most important factor one must look for in a grill. Most grills come with a comprehensive grease management system that does half the job for you throughout the cooking process.

Grills that come with a grease channel and a dripping tray or oil collection cup gather all the fat dripping from the meat and residuary grease.

So you only have to remove the tray and clean it with a sponge without having to scrub or rub the surface for cleaning.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Is it healthy to cook on a flat top grill?

A. Grilling on a flat grill involves less use of oil for cooking your food and a slight chance of burning your food, which automatically makes it a healthy cooking method. Also, the taste of your food remains the same, and nutrients remain intact.

Q. Which food can be cooked on a flat top grill?

A. Anything that does not involve liquids or thick curries can be cooked on a flat grill. From making eggs, burgers, steaks, to seafood, pancakes, and sausage, you can make pretty much anything on a flat grill.

Q. How hot should a grill be?

A. It depends on the kind of food you are making. If you are making a steak, you might want to check in with the heat every now and then to ensure that your steak remains at your preferred temperature. Whereas, if you are making a burger, high heat ensures the crispiness of the meat and fully cooks the food.

Q. How to clean a flat top grill?

A. You can begin by removing the grilling tray and wiping it with a paper towel. Then you can use soap to cut any grease or oil layers on it. Use a nylon pad to scrub the grill tray gently and scrape off the residue easily.


Choosing the best flat top griddle is vital for the enjoyment of your food. The best portable flat top grill serves your food in the best temperature, lets you enjoy outdoor cooking, and helps you fulfill your grilled cravings without buying food from the market.

With a portable, versatile, durable, and quality grill, you can say goodbye to the hassle of a traditional grill and prepare grilled food in a significantly lesser time than ever.

Just make sure to check out the features that best suit your needs and compare the specifications with other competing products before investing in the best flat-top grills.

You don’t want to end up with a grill that does not fully serve your purpose or becomes a nuisance for you in the long run.

Choose wisely and happy grilling!

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